The Role Of Medical Lead Collars And Lead Eyes

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The Role Of Medical Lead Collars And Lead Eyes

September 12
22:48 2023

Medical lead collars and lead eyes are two indispensable protective equipment in the modern medical field. With the popularity of radiology technology, medical staff are more aware of the need to protect themselves, reduce and avoid radiation damage. The use of medical lead collars and lead eyes played an important role.

Medical lead collar is a kind of body protection equipment, which can cover the neck and chest of medical staff, and reduce the radiation damage caused by common medical imaging examinations. The lead collar is made of materials such as lead and rubber, which can reduce the radiation dose of various radiation. Using a lead collar may feel inconvenient and airtight, but relative to the health of the body, this small inconvenience is acceptable.

Lead eyes are a kind of facial protection equipment, which are usually used with medical lead collars to protect the eyes. The inside of the vitreous often contains electrolytes that absorb high-energy rays and convert them into light, resulting in clearer images. Lead eyes can effectively block high-energy radiation and avoid the impact on medical staff, and they are relatively light, and there is no great inconvenience in use.

Medical lead collars and lead eyes are important protective equipment for modern medicine. They can minimize the radiation dose received by medical personnel during radiological examination and treatment, and provide good protection measures for their health. Even under the radiation of radiation equipment, through the use of these protective equipment, medical staff can avoid iatrogenic diseases and ensure safety and health in the medical field. The use of these equipment has increased the medical staff’s awareness of their own protection and sense of responsibility, and also reflects the medical industry’s high attention to human health and safety.

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