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Money Q Fintech Solutions to Launch Digital Wallet and Remittance Services in Africa

The KrosPayz platform offers secure real-time transaction processing services. KrosPayz provides domestic and international fees, bill payment services, cash transfer services, airtime recharge services, and a QR code payment system.

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Zanova Technology Launches Petroleum-Free Collagen Treatment Lip Balm to Soothe Dry Lips and Promote Lip Picking Remedy with Sustainable Packaging

Zanova Technology Inc, a Vancouver-based company, is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation: the Zanova Collagen Treatment Lip Balm. This lip balm is designed to provide relief

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My Write Off: Revolutionizing Total Loss Vehicle Valuations and Settlements

A professional in a suit gently holds a toy vehicle atop a valuation report – a symbol of My Write Off’s dedication to fair and accurate settlements My Write Off

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Chinafy’s China Website Optimization and Compatibility Solutions Available on AWS, Alibaba Cloud, and Azure Marketplaces for China

Chinafy, a website optimization and compatibility platform that enables global businesses to expand their online presence in China, has announced the availability of its solution on the AWS, Alibaba Cloud,

Read Full Article Ensures No Calls Or Texts Are Missed Again With Flash Alerts

Light notifications through, alert phone users to incoming calls, texts, messages, and more. This innovative app ensures one doesn’t

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Mojuraa Randall Collection Develops a Unique Patina and Stylish Environment

Mojuraa is a modular design furniture company that offers direct-from-manufacturer savings on a wide variety of customizable packages. The chestnut

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The Trade School: Forging the Foundation of Financial Freedom

University style mentorship and coursework designed to provide the education needed to stay safe in any financial market There isn’t

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Hyyer – The best tech talent is not always the closest

Don’t reduce headcount, reduce headcount cost. Hyyer, the fastest-growing talent sourcing platform in the US, was launched to help businesses

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Fidelity Mortgage Helps Underserved Families Achieve Homeownership with Zero Money Down

Fidelity Mortgage, a leading mortgage lender, is proud to announce its commitment to helping underserved families achieve the dream of

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Conch & Coconut Is the Ultimate Luxury Concierge and Private Charter Company for Exploring Harbour Island in the Bahamas

Conch & Coconut makes it possible for customers to experience Harbour Island like never before with an exclusive, luxurious itinerary

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March 2023