Winter Tree Care Tips: Keeping Trees Healthy – Tree Surgeons of Metairie

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Winter Tree Care Tips: Keeping Trees Healthy – Tree Surgeons of Metairie

August 30
20:03 2023
Winter Tree Care Tips: Keeping Trees Healthy - Tree Surgeons of Metairie
Tree Surgeons of Metairie releases winter care tips for oak trees in the New Orleans & Metairie areas. Highlighting mulching, watering, & pruning, the firm emphasizes seasonal tree health.

More info at or call 504-384-8156.

Tree Surgeons of Metairie, an essential tree care service in New Orleans, offers winter care guidelines for oaks. With a focus on mulching, watering, pruning, and pests, they stress specialized winter care.

More details: or call 504-384-8156.

NEW ORLEANS and METAIRIE, LA – Aug 30, 2023 – The cold winter months are around the corner, and the beautiful oak trees of the New Orleans and Metairie areas, known for their timeless grandeur, require special attention. Tree Surgeons of Metairie, a foremost tree care expert in the Metairie.LA is rolling out essential guidelines to help these oaks stand tall and lively throughout the chilly season.

“Oak trees are not just plants but monumental witnesses to our area’s history and evolution. Their expansive branches and deep-seated roots narrate tales spanning many ages,” observes an arborist at Tree Surgeons of Metairie. “Through our winter care guidelines, we aim to empower residents with the knowledge to cherish and safeguard these nature’s marvels.”

Prime Winter Care Guidelines for Oak Trees:

  1. Mulching: Spread a generous layer of organic mulch around the base of your oak tree, expanding to the tree’s drip line. This assists in moisture retention and offers protection against abrupt temperature changes.

  2. Watering: Even though oaks showcase drought resilience, it’s vital they receive ample water during the late fall. This hydration prevents roots from drying amid freezing winter temperatures.

  3. Pruning: As winter nears its end, just before the onset of spring, it becomes the perfect time to prune oaks. It helps eliminate fragile branches, which can easily succumb to winter’s harsh winds or heavy snowfall.

  4. Disease and Pest Inspection: Monitor fallen leaves for any signs of diseases or infestations. In the New Orleans territory, oak wilt is especially problematic. Early detection and consultation with a tree expert can make a huge difference.

  5. Guarding Against Frost: Young oaks or newly sown ones can benefit from frost cloths on freezing nights, preventing potential frost damage.

“At Tree Surgeons of Metairie, our core understanding revolves around the unique environmental challenges our region faces,” comments a representative from the company. “By proactively sharing these guidelines and our specialized winter tree services, we envision a community where every oak tree thrives.”

Locals of New Orleans and Metairie can delve deeper into winter tree care by visiting Tree Surgeons of Metairie’s informative blog post. The company also provides expert consultations for homeowners aiming for the pinnacle of respect for their oak trees.

For comprehensive information or to pencil in a consultation, contact Tree Surgeons of Metairie at 504-384-8156 or hop on to their website at

About Tree Surgeons of Metairie

Tree Surgeons of Metairie, serving the New Orleans and Metairie territory for several years, excels in providing comprehensive tree care solutions. With a team of dedicated arborists, they remain steadfast in their commitment to preserving the region’s intrinsic natural beauty, ensuring each tree receives the utmost care.

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