Building logistics automation to provide strong support for sales

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Building logistics automation to provide strong support for sales

June 07
14:45 2023

1. Building logistics automation to provide strong support for salesChina Resources Snow Breweries(China) Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as China Resources Snow Beer) was established in 1993. It is a national professional beer company that produces and operates beer, headquartered in Beijing, China, and has a high-end brand matrix of “Chinese brand+international brand”. Since 2006, China Resources Snow Beer has consistently ranked first in the Chinese beer market in terms of total sales. From 2014 to 2022, Snow Beer has been ranked first in the C-BPI beer industry brand rankings for nine consecutive years.

Behind such excellent sales performance is the requirement for efficient logistics. To this end, China Resources Snow Beer established a modern logistics center in Huaiyuan County, Anhui Province in 2020. It is understood that the project has applied automated and intelligent logistics equipment technology on a large scale, adopting a high-level automated access system, a circular conveyor line, an AGV shuttle, and a cargo to person picking system. The sorting and conveying capacity has greatly exceeded, with a 40% increase in conveying and sorting capacity, which not only improves production efficiency but also reduces production costs.

2. ROBOTECH provides the core of the warehouse – stacker crane productsThe project is fully responsible for the AS/RS and related supporting systems of the vertical warehouse, the selection equipment system of the bottle and can warehouse, the ring conveyor system, and related services of the well-known integrator Gen-Song Intelligent. Among them, the bottling warehouse and the tinning warehouse, two major storage areas, are provided by ROBOTECH with a warehouse system solution and core equipment.

Compared with traditional logistics, the project has realized unmanned operation in all links from order to delivery, which is conducive to the data integration and application of product information flow, logistics and capital flow, and realizes the intelligent logistics in the factory.

The automated warehouse adopts a total of 27 sets of track tunnel type stacker crane systems18 sets of bottle loading warehouses, and a total of more than 13000 storage spaces in the two storage areas; There are 9 sets of tinning warehouses, both of which are two storage areas, with a total of about 7000 storage locations.

It is revealed that due to the load demand of 3000kg and the high flow demand of the project, traditional single station design is difficult to meet the efficiency requirements. Therefore, a dual station design is needed to meet the access flow demand (two pallets of goods are accessed each time, which can improve the access efficiency by 45% compared to the single station type).

For this project, ROBOTECH has selected the Bull Stacker crane series that can meet the requirements of large loads and continuous high flow operating environments. It adopts a walking asynchronous servo motor drive, with a running speed of up to 180m/min and an acceleration of 0.5m/s ².

Moreover, the project adopts a random storage method, further improving the efficiency of inbound and outbound storage. It is understood that the connection between the circular conveyor line and the stacker crane system in the project will trigger a photoelectric signal when the goods passing through the conveyor line reach the storage area. After receiving the signal, the stacker  crane will pick up the goods and store them randomly. At the same time, the barcode information, storage time, and storage location will be fed back to the WCS system for archiving.

3Enterprises achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase, providing a demonstration for the industryIt is reported that the completion of this project will be one of the most automated, intelligent, and widely applied modern beer manufacturing parks in the Chinese beer industry. This project will support the business development of China Resources Snow Flower Company in the next 5-10 years, achieve high automation, intelligence, and efficiency, and create a safe and green production environment. It will achieve standardization and intelligent transformation of traditional logistics models, and improve the overall logistics operation efficiency and service level from the aspects of supply, production, sales, and traceability.

Moreover, as one of the projects promoting modern standardized logistics, the China Resources Snowflake Beer fully automated warehousing project is conducive to driving the development of the industrial chain and equipment upgrading and transformation, achieving information exchange and exchange, saving costs and improving efficiency of the entire industry and supply chain, and has a demonstration role for the development of the entire industry.

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