How much do people know about photochromic, tinted and polarized lenses?

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How much do people know about photochromic, tinted and polarized lenses?

May 26
15:20 2023

As summer approaches, wearing a pair of fashionable sunglasses has become a trend. Walking on the street, we will see people wearing sunglasses. However, for friends with myopia and special eye needs, they need to wear both myopia glasses and sunglasses. Therefore, a more convenient and safer solution is to customize a pair of colored glasses that match your own degree, so that the problem will be solved.

Photochromic lenses, also known as “light intelligent lenses”, are mainly used to protect the eyes and reduce visual fatigue by reducing strong light, UV rays and blue light from entering the eyes. Light sensitive (such as silver halide) substances are added into the lens and exposed to ultraviolet and short wave visible light, the color becomes darker and the light transmittance decreases. In indoor or dark places, the light transmittance of the lens is improved, and the color fades and the brightness is restored. The photochromism of the lenses is automatic and reversible. Photochromic lenses can adjust the light transmittance by changing the color of the lens, so that the human eye can adapt to changes in ambient light.

Tinted Lenses


Tinted lenses refer to the use of some coloring agents during the lens production process to make the lenses appear colored and absorb specific wavelengths of light. Tinted lenses are commonly used in sunglasses. Compared with ordinary resin lenses, it has stronger UV resistance and radiation resistance.

Tinted lenses are developing very rapidly these days. There are a wide range of lens colors. When fitting, you need to seek the advice of optometrists to choose a suitable lens color. It is suitable for some people with fundus lesions, macular degeneration, and eye photophobia after cataract surgery. People with eye diseases need to choose lenses that suit their eye color.


Polarized lenses are lenses manufactured based on the principle of polarization of light, which have the function of eliminating glare, making the view clearer and more natural. They can improve the driver’s vision and increase driving pleasure.

The effect of polarizing lenses is to filter out glare, making the field of view clear and natural. Similar to the principle of blind curtains, light is adjusted to enter the eye in the same direction, naturally making the scenery appear soft and not dazzling. Enhance color and contrast, enhance comfort and driving safety, block harmful glare, and are essential equipment for long-term drivers and skiing enthusiasts.

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