Green is The New Blue With Allinblusive

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Green is The New Blue With Allinblusive

May 23
09:38 2023
Allinblusive is taking major steps to become greener in a bid to reduce its carbon footprints on the environment.

When it comes to travel, sustainability is becoming a bigger concern for many people. It’s good to know that the travel industry is starting to take steps to address this, with many eco-friendly hotels, resorts, and tour operators popping up. However, one area that has been slow to catch up is yacht travel. Historically, yachts have been seen as symbols of luxury, with little attention paid to their environmental impact. But one company that is changing all that is Allinblusive.

Allinblusive is a private yacht company that has been making waves in the industry for its commitment to sustainability. They have just won the Blue Flag for the 7th consecutive year, as well as the International Sustainability Award of Luxury Life Style Award. This is no small feat, and it is a testament to their dedication to reducing the impact of yacht travel on the environment.

One of the unique things about Allinblusive is that they are an almost carbon-neutral company. This means that they are taking steps to neutralize their carbon footprint, which is a major contributor to climate change. They do this by planting trees in cooperation with the we4all company, which helps to absorb the carbon dioxide emitted by their yachts.

In addition to this, Allinblusive is committed to using sustainable materials and reducing waste wherever possible. They use only biodegradable cleaning products, and they have eliminated single-use plastics from their yachts. They also have programs in place to recycle as much as possible and to minimize the amount of waste they produce.

All of these efforts are impressive on their own, but what really sets Allinblusive apart is their dedication to educating their guests. They believe that by teaching people about the importance of sustainability, they can help to make a positive impact on the world. That’s why they offer a range of eco-tours and activities that give guests the chance to learn about the local environment and participate in conservation efforts. Allinblusive also goes further to present each guest with a certificate at the end of every cruise. This is done to include guests in their mission to creating a greener world. 

In conclusion, Allinblusive is a company that is doing things right. They are setting the standard for sustainable yacht travel and making a real difference in the world. So for anyone looking to travel in style and do their part for the planet, Allinblusive is the perfect choice.

About Allinblusive

Allinblusive has been the leading private cruise company since 2018, according to World Travel Awards. The company operates in 4 bases in Greece with nine private yachts. In addition, it operates the official Riva lounge in Nammos Mykonos, and its exclusive private cruises that caters to Sani-Ikos resorts in Sani Resort Halkidiki and Ikos resorts in Corfu. The company’s plan for the next three years includes aiming for 20 private yachts and three more international bases but also a 100% carbon-neutral footprint.

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