How To Bring A Matted And Tangled Wig Back To Life?

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How To Bring A Matted And Tangled Wig Back To Life?

May 19
14:30 2023
How To Bring A Matted And Tangled Wig Back To Life?
Yolissa Hair

When people use a wig, the matted and tangled problem will be trouble and frustration, and it might cause people to feel annoyed. If tangled and matted issues occur to the wig, people may want to throw the wig away, but there is no need or necessity to do such. There is still a chance to remedy the hair.

This blog will mainly figure out solutions to bring a matted, tangled wig back to life.

Why do the matted and tangled problems occur?

Firstly, people need to know why the hair will become tangled and matted, and what factors can fasten the hair to become tangled and matted easily.

Human hair, as we all know, is cut from the human head. For real hair, people’s scalp can secrete natural oils which can offer nutrition to the hair, and they can help human hair to get away from drying out problems. However, wigs lack nutrition sources after cutting from human heads. If the wig hairs can not get nutrition and moisture for a long time, they will become dry, and with daily wear and tear, and friction, these factors will lead to matted and tangled problems, especially for curly wigs

Besides, some make-up, hair spray, hair wax, and some hair product people use on the wig will also cause the hair to be full of dust or other dirt, and cause tangling.

And improper processing, such as dyeing, bleaching, perming, and curling the hair often, will lead to harmful effects on the hair, make the hair lack moisture, and fragile, and cause tangled problems.

When the wig can’t be combed through, people’s first instinct might be to comb the hair directly, sometimes mostly hard and roughly. It is the wrong step, and it will also cause harmful effects on the hair, such as pulling the hair out and tearing the lace rip, especially for HD lace wigs

Below are some methods to bring a matted and tangled wig back to life, you can apply them to your frontal wigs and lace closure wigs. Hope they will help people to remove the tangling, and let the hair stay smooth and manageable.

1. Detangle the hair first.

People can put the wig on a wig stand or mannequin head instead of on their heads. In such conditions, people can see the matted part, especially around the neck and back parts, and process the wig without much hassle. If the wig is badly tangled, please do not comb it with a brush directly. It is better to divide the whole wig into several sections, then de-tangle the hair section by section. If the wig is just a little tangled, people can comb the hair with a wide tooth comb, then comb the hair from the bottoms of the hair gently. After the bottoms become smooth, you can move upward, comb the middle part, then the roots. If the wig is very matted and tangled, people can use a detangling spray or conditioner which can smooth the hair, and make it easier to comb through. If some parts of the hair are tangled badly, people can also use their hands to separate the messed hair and the large knots. Once all hair becomes smooth again, you can process the next step.

2. Wash and condition the wig.

After all the hair is smooth, it is time to wash and condition the wig. Please never wash a matted and tangled wig directly, since it will lead to the tangling problem worse. People can put the wig into a sink or basin with cold or lukewarm water mixed with the shampoo, then submerge the wig into water. Please gently push the hair into the water, and let the shampoo remove the reminds of make-up, dusk, or other dirty items. Do not comb or pull the hair roughly when you wash it. After that, you can change the water and put the wig in water mixed with conditioner for 5-15 minutes. It’s suggested to use moisture-rich and hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Do not use products that contain sulfate, parabens, or alcohol. When the wig is deep conditioned, people can rinse the hair. At the same time, please ensure all the shampoo and conditioner are removed and rinsed, and the water should be clear at last.

3. Dry the hair.

After washing the hair, people can use a clean towel to absorb the water. Then they can put the wig in an open or ventilated place and make the hair air-dry. And it is not recommended to use a blow dryer to dry the wig, since it will cause the hair to accelerate the loss of the hair nutrient and moisture. When people have to use the blow dryer, please don’t set the temperature too high, and do not let the wind close the hair. And do not comb the hair when it’s wet, as it will lead to hair breakage when the hair is pulled in wet. Please comb the hair when it is dry totally.

4. Reuse the wig.

When the hair is dry, it should be in good condition again. People can comb the hair gently, and it can be combed through. And then people can wear and use the hair. Please enjoy the hair again. In daily use, people need to pay much attention to hair care. They can also apply for hair oil or do the hair mask weekly, and treat the wig the same as their own human hair.

And below are some hair care tips to help the hair get away from the tangled and matted problem in daily life:

1. Choose highly quality human hair.

We all know that human hair quality is greater than synthetic hair, so the lift spam and durability of the human hair wig are longer and higher. All human hair wigs in Yolissa Hair are made of premium raw material, and hair cuticles are all aligned with facing the same direction. Under such conditions, hair is less prone to be tangled than synthetic hair.

2. Wash and condition the wig regularly.

Washing and deep conditioning the hair is also significant when maintaining the hair. It’s suggested to shampoo the hair twice a week if you use it daily. If you don’t wear your wig every day, you can go longer than this time between washes. And pls choose the right hair product. People can use some mild moisturizing shampoos.

3. Do not process the hair too often.

Any chemical process, like bleaching, dyeing, straightening, and curling the hair by irons, will cause some degree of harm to the hair cuticles, and sometimes, they are irreparable. People can avoid such processes to the hair.

4. Store the hair properly.

When people do not use their hair, they can wash the hair first in order to make sure there is no dirt on the hair, then store the hair in a clean place.

Yolissa Hair hopes the above steps can help people refresh and enliven their lace wigs again when they meet tangled and matted problems.

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