Why is the A-OK group the best for special needs?

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Why is the A-OK group the best for special needs?

January 09
20:40 2023


Many individuals face difficulty in leading a good quality of life due to their shortcomings. Their shortcomings differentiate them from others. To compensate for them, they have certain special needs that help them lead a normal or close-to-normal life. Many people find great difficulties in fulfilling their special needs. Some programs work to help such people. Their prime motto is to meet the special needs of their members.

AOK is a group established in 2019. It was started by GiGi Kohler. She was an adopted Bulgarian child. She had been through many programs. However, most of them did not treat them fairly. It developed an urge in her to devise a program that treats everyone equally. Act Of Kindness is the abbreviation for AOK.

Why is AOK Famous?

The fame and popularity of a special need program depend upon its work. GiGi Kohler has struggled too hard to achieve such huge success in the form of AOK. She also associated many celebrities with her to make her project known to the people. Blues Clues, Zach Callison, and Grace Rolek of Steven Universe are prominent names associated with GiGi Kohler. It is one of the most important reasons that AOK has earned significant popularity, these days.

Is AOK Group Fair?

GiGi Kohler is highly conscious about running her program, fairly. As she has faced unjust behavior in her past, she now strives to treat everyone equally. For this purpose, she has devised some rules for her group. The first rule is: Respect one another. The 2nd one says: Keep hands and feet to ourselves. The third rule is actually an offering: If you are having a hard time, please come up to me. The 4th rule is about having the correct attire for activities. 5th rule strictly condemns bullying. All these rules allow GiGi to run her group fairly where everyone has equal rights.

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