The iQibla Zikr1 Smart Ring Features a Digital Alarm Clock for Precise Prayer Times.

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The iQibla Zikr1 Smart Ring Features a Digital Alarm Clock for Precise Prayer Times.

January 03
22:20 2023
The iQibla Zikr1 Smart Ring Features a Digital Alarm Clock for Precise Prayer Times.
Tasbeeh Counter

A new smart wearable device, iQibla Zikr1 smart ring, aka a tasbeeh counter, has been designed to help Muslims ensure they are facing the correct direction at all times. The device uses an accelerometer to detect the wearer’s movement, and when it senses that the wearer is making a prayer movement, it beeps to indicate they should finish the prayer before moving on to another task. These beeps can also be connected to an app on a smartphone to help users count their prayers automatically.

For Muslims, prayer has been an integral part of the religion since its inception. The Quran instructs Muslims to make at least five prayers a day. While many believers have found ways to incorporate this ritual into their daily lives, there are still those who struggle with making it happen regularly. Many times, they reasoned that they couldn’t because they didn’t know what time their prayers were supposed to be up next. This is where Zikr1 comes in.

“Zikr1 smart ring aims to make praying as simple as possible. This smart ring makes keeping track of prayer times as simple as checking your watch. iQibla has designed a series of rings that work in conjunction with the app available on any given mobile device and will remind users every time it is prayer time again by vibrating in sync with the app’s alarm function,” said an iQibla representative. “Nowadays, we live in a world where technological advancements are constantly making our lives easier and more convenient. One of the biggest challenges that is being faced by people today is, how we can make sure that we don’t lose count of our prayers. Some people have a habit of counting on their fingers, some on the phone, and many other techniques.”

“As a Muslim who regularly travels for business, I often struggled to find a suitable place to pray while visiting some places or waiting at an airport. I tried using my watch as a prayer timer and looking at an app on my cell phone, but neither of those methods worked well for me. Finally, I found Zikr1 with a digital alarm clock. It works perfectly in all situations because it sticks right to my finger, and I can keep it with me at all times. Now I never have any problems finding a place or time to pray.” a Zikr1 user stated.

The iQibla smart ring offers a solution for Muslims who want to make it easier to pray five times a day. iQibla Zikr1 has a high-quality, durable construction, including a scratch-resistant screen, and a compact, portable design. It’s lightweight, so the users can take it with them wherever they go. iQibla Zikr1 also boasts a simple interface that makes it easy to use. Users can set how many Zikrs they want to count. It’s a subtle reminder that Muslims can look at every time one of their five daily prayers comes around.

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