Amicus International Consulting – Get Second Passport Remotely For Traveling Or Residing In Another Country 

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Amicus International Consulting – Get Second Passport Remotely For Traveling Or Residing In Another Country 

November 18
23:51 2022


Amicus International Consulting can provide advices related to getting a new identity and second passport, protecting cryptocurrency, travelling anonymously, starting over, and more.

Amicus offers a remote application process. The client doesn’t need to travel to the country to get citizenship. The team at Amicus has the knowledge and more than 55 years of experience in handling crises.

They operate smoothly under pressure, offer alternatives, and deliver a new legal identity and a second passport. Amicus does not sell passports but acts as a vetting or referral agent for Partner Governments.  


When crisis strikes, getting out of the country is tricky because there is no valid visa or citizenship in the destination country. With a second passport, people can always escape to the destination country and avoid the stress of political and economic mayhem.

The Amicus International Consulting team creates clients’ new and legal replacement IDs, including a legend that supports them. This back story or legend helps share where you were born and your origins. For a second passport, there is a need to create a new persona that includes a unique life story.

The required documents, like the passport, birth certificate, national ID card, driver’s license, social security number, and medical care card, are also taken care of. Clients are offered all the advice and documents necessary to establish a new legal ID in a foreign country without the need to travel there.

A new identity or second passport allows for starting fresh with a clean slate, but the previous ID will still exist. However, there will not be any trace linking it to the new ID.

The Amicus team creates legends carefully according to the client’s timeline. The client must remember their new ID, or the new alias can be compromised.


When interested clients get in touch with Amicus International Consultants, they evaluate the client’s needs. Changing your old identity and making a new one or getting a second passport is hard. It needs assurance and commitment. They start their work when they evaluate the application.

They contact the client to discuss the entire process and what steps to take. The client’s identity is analyzed in depth, right to the smallest detail. It ensures that the legend is in sync with every variable.

The team uses tried and trusted methods to create alternate new identities, social rebranding, extraditions, anonymity, and more.

Amicus International Consulting VIP Membership starts at $188,850; members can be relocated to safety from anywhere worldwide. The team will make an elaborate EVAC plan customized for every client’s needs.

People might be concerned about their authenticity and confidentiality management. The business has been around for more than five decades. It is mentioned in reputable publications like Forbes, Fox 40, South China Morning Post and more.

Just getting a new ID is tricky because there is also a need to erase the existing ID. It is challenging, so approach professionals at Amicus International Consulting for effective results.

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