Creation or Evolution? Origin of Species in Light of Science’s Limitations and Historical Records

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Creation or Evolution? Origin of Species in Light of Science’s Limitations and Historical Records

November 17
22:42 2022
Creation or Evolution? Origin of Species in Light of Science’s Limitations and Historical Records

Michael Ebifegha’s Creation or Evolution? grabs the very edges of our current knowledge and extends it in captivating ways. In the debate about whether humans were created or have evolved, the author presents a different view within the framework of science.

Ebifegha examines the constraints of science as an explanatory framework for the origin of species and compares the contemporary world to a hypothetical world under the influence of evolutionary processes and agency. Additionally, he considers the irrelevance of the earth’s age to the creation–evolution debate. He stresses that knowledge of the intersection between the origin of life and the origin of species is required to establish the latter. He validates Jerry Fodor and Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini’s book What Darwin Got Wrong as he addresses science’s limitations in deploying similarity/dissimilarity arguments in origin studies.

Ebifegha contends that within the domain of science, creation is a primary natural process and evolution is a subordinate or secondary natural process. Considering the scientific fact that cell division (a creation process) provides the raw product for mutation (an evolutionary process), he asserts that within the limits of science creation and evolution operate in harmony and so we expect a creation–evolution unity and not controversy. However, outside the limit of science, he stresses, there is a controversy between creationism (belief in God’s creation account in the Scriptures based on scientific evidence) and evolutionism (belief in Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution based on scientific evidence). Creationism and evolutionism analyze the same scientific data but offer different philosophical conclusion about who we are, where we came from, and where we are going.

Ebifegha’s book is both inspiring to educators and accessible to general readers. The book offers a deeper understanding of the issues and supplements historical records, allowing readers to piece together a reliable perception of what transpired in the distant past.

Creation or Evolution? discusses how the M-theory and Charles Darwin’s paradigm of evolution by natural selection are outside the limits of science. Ebifegha contends that we must look beyond such inadequate theories and address the validity of science as the sole avenue of inquiry.

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About the Author

Dr. Michael Ebifegha is a University of Toronto graduate and certified science, mathematics, and religion teacher with the Toronto District School Board, Canada. He is also the author of Farewell to Darwinian Evolution, The Darwinian Delusion, 4th: Origin, and Origin: Satan Shadow in Religion.

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