Sastana Introduces SastArt NFT Virtual Museum

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Sastana Introduces SastArt NFT Virtual Museum

November 13
04:54 2022
Sastana offers SastArt, an NFT VR museum for displaying the NFTS of artists

Sastana introduces SastArt Virtual Museum, a platform for artists to display their NFTs. The aim is to make this VR museum a new online/Metaverse-based resource for artists and promoters to display and advertise their artwork in 3D format.

“Our vision behind the Sastana Virtual Museum is to build a platform to display artists’ NFTs,” says the spokesperson for Sastana. “At the same time, we aim to make this virtual museum a new online/Metaverse-based home for artists and promoters to display and promote artwork in an exciting 3D space using the unity gaming engine. The virtual museum could be accessed through the Sastana Platform and any third-party Metaverse-based platform.”

The main features of the Sastana Virtual Museum include

  • Showcase – Exposing the NFT artwork in the showcase.
  • Rent – Renting the frame to those who want to expose their NFT.
  • Explore – Exploring the museum to discover the NFT projects available.
  • Connect – Communicating with NFT owners and artists or customers.
  • Expose – Creating an NFT exhibition in the museum.

Those who want to enjoy the 3D experience must put on immersive VR devices matching the relevant platforms.

According to the spokesperson, there will be two types of exhibitions – the private exhibition and another one controlled by the respective frame owner for the museum. The system allows only a limited number of unique NFTs to be viewed and traded. Similar to other ERC-721, NFT tokens will be minted and offered for sale to those who want to display their NFT artwork.


Sastana started the museum design from scratch using the services of a 3D design team experienced in developing modern 3D architectures. Artists can promote their art on this platform by exposing their NFT artwork using the museum as a promotional tool.

They came up with the idea of renting frames displaying the artists’ works, allowing NFT owners of museum frames to earn a passive income through the NFT collection. The next step was defining the distribution and minting of the frames. Next in line was the smart contract idea to make the museum a cross-platform project accessible exclusively to the Sastana marketplace and Sastarent. The third quarter saw the launching of the SastArt museum platform through a major Dubai event. The functionality of allowing the artists to prepare, organize and expose their NFT collection in the museum was added. 

After launching the museum, Sastana has plans to put a governance system in place. It will allow the NFT frame owners to decide on the new changes for the museum.

About SastArt:

SastArt is a virtual museum created to provide a platform where artists can display their NFTs. The VR museum is planned as an online/Metaverse-based resource for artists and promoters to display and promote their artwork in 3D space.

Media Contact
Company Name: SASTART
Contact Person: Azzi Mohamed Mbarek
Email: Send Email
Phone: +971 4 228 52 85
Address:Dubai Silicon Oasis, DDP Building A2
City: Dubai
Country: United Arab Emirates

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