Nevalliance Changing Lives And Creating More Entrepreneurships

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Nevalliance Changing Lives And Creating More Entrepreneurships

November 10
22:00 2022

There are over 23 million sole proprietorships currently operating in the United States, making it by far the most popular form of business entity. 73.1 percent of all businesses were sole proprietorships, helping to boost employment and opportunities. One organization who wants to help young people take advantage of opportunities in the USA and become a success in business is Nevalliance.

Nevalliance, which was founded by Dr. Neva Alexander is on a mission to create more entrepreneurs and show young people that they can choose their own destiny instead of working for others. The organization which was created in 2013 want young people to understand that entrepreneurship is a career option.

We decided to sit down with the founder of Nevalliance to learn more about what they offer and why they are on a mission to change lives. This is what they had to say.

Can you first introduce yourself?

I am Dr. Neva Alexander, an educator, consultant, coach, trainer, author, and speaker.

You are the founder of Nevalliance, can you explain what is Nevalliance?

Yes, I am the founder of Nevalliance. I created Nevalliance in 2013. My vision at that time was to combine my passion for education and business. I wanted to create a company where I could educate on various topics and provide consulting services. Nevalliance is a training and consulting company. We had some groundbreaking events, such as our annual International Women’s Conference. Also, we have hosted many webinars that gave experts a platform to be heard.

Why is it important to promote Youth and entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship should be a career option. Our young people need to be allowed to create wealth. Unfortunately, not everyone will graduate from high school or college and land their dream job. As such, we should give Youth the tools to create their opportunities.

Do you believe that schools are doing enough to teach our children about entrepreneurship?

I noticed that some schools try to implement entrepreneurship lessons taught by business teachers. However, this is not effective and sufficient for growth and knowledge.

Why is Nevalliance so important, and how do you help people?

Nevalliance is important because we focus on development. We believe in the path to success. We come with experience and experts in their area.

You recently hosted an entrepreneurship workshop for Uniondale Senior High School students in Uniondale, NY, why was that event so important?

Uniondale school district collaborates with business owners to conduct different workshops. This workshop was important to me because of the impact the workshop delivered on black and brown students. Black and brown students are usually at a disadvantage. To be able to host a workshop for them is fulfilling.

You say that students should consider not just a job but also entrepreneurship, do you believe that every student could become a success in business?

Good question. Only some students will be successful in business. I mean, only some adults are good at business. Entrepreneurship should be an option like a lawyer, doctor, or engineer. So we should not only focus on getting a salary but paying ourselves.

A lot of students and young people are put off going into business for themselves due to the lack of financial funding from banks, do you see a future where banks will become less strict on their funding requirements?

I don’t see banks getting less strict on their funding requirements. If you want to make money, you need to send money. Many businesses start small with their capital. You have to think big but start small. You need to build your business to a point where banks can work with you. Also, you do have other alternatives, such as borrowing a small business loan from government agencies.

Entrepreneurship is critical in stimulating economic growth and development, so why are there not more schemes out there to help people financially to become their own boss?

You have financial schemes out there. I get emails daily about alternative lending solutions. However, I recommend doing your homework before borrowing from those leaders. Business is a risk, and no one wants to lend to a business that doesn’t have a solid business plan and show that they will make a profit.

If someone has a problem with their confidence but would like to become their boss, is this something you can help with?

Yes, I can provide three to six months of private coaching where they can create their business plan, comprehensive market analyses, and start building their business.

Dr. Neva owns Nevalliance, which provides business training and development. She is a trainer, author, business coach, and speaker. You may learn more about Dr. Neva Alexander at

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