The first cross-chain DEX aggregator, PLEXUS

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The first cross-chain DEX aggregator, PLEXUS

October 29
01:51 2022

PLEXUS, the first cross-chain DEX aggregator, optimized for WEB 3.0 which provides the fastest, the safest and the most secure swap across all blockchains is about to launch on Ethereum.

PLEXUS is the next generation Cross-chain DEX aggregator that routes the paths across all blockchains optimal for the fastest, the cheapest and the most secure swap. 

PLEXUS has a vision to become the BINANCE of WEB 3.0. PLEXUS proposes a solution to the problems that have existed but have been neglected in the DeFi market.

Major features of PLEXUS

1. Interswap

Interswap is the first cross-chain DEX aggregator which guarantees the fastest, the cheapest and the most secure swaps across all blockchain networks and bridges. Interswap gets rid of the complex procedures for a swap and improves user experience which will lead blockchain to a mass adoption. With the Interswap Routing Engine and the maximized UX, PLEXUS will become the best one-stop DeFi platform where everyone can exchange any asset on any blockchain seamlessly. 

2. DIY

PLEXUS is a platform where anyone can use the DeFi service without limit. PLEXUS provides all the functions of existing DEXs and users can customize as they would like to. PLEXUS lets crypto project teams create and manage the liquidity depending on the characteristics of their projects. Crypto project teams are also able to choose the swap algorithms and manage the airdrop rewards.  PLEXUS will keep updating new swap algorithms as they come out to maximize user experience.

With PLEXUS, both crypto project teams and individuals will be able to truly own DEX.

3. SBT & DAOThe ultimate goal of the PLEXUS protocol is to create a completely decentralized and autonomous organization, DAO, that does not require interference and run by itself. 

PLEXUS DAO consists of governance members and protocol contributors.

Governance members are gPLX holders. gPLX can be obtained by staking PLX tokens. Governance members have rights to vote on the governance proposals. 

Protocol contributors are people who either contribute their labor, work or knowledge to the protocol or attend the PLEXUS events. 

Protocol contributors are rewarded PLX tokens depending on the difficulty/complexity of the work. Any digital citizens can become protocol contributors in PLEXUS. Protocol workers will have incentives in weight of the governance power

PLEXUS also rewards protocol contributors SBTs (soulbound tokens) to certify their contribution to the protocol or the attendance of the PLEXUS events either virtual or in-person.

Vision of PLEXUS

PLEXUS has a vision to become the BINANCE of WEB 3.0 that is fully operated by DAO. By solving neglected problems in the DeFi world and keeping updating the features to maximize user experience, PLEXUS will be the one-stop platform for all the DeFi users and achieve mass adoption of blockchain technology.

Official link ● Website: ● Docs: ● Discord: ● Twitter: ● Medium:

Media Contact
Company Name: PLEXUS Inc
Contact Person: PLEXUS Manager, Aurorar
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Country: Singapore

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