Comfier Camping with the Black Series HQ21

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Comfier Camping with the Black Series HQ21

September 20
17:46 2022

If you travel to broaden your horizons and relax, Zion National Park in UTAH is a must-visit. The 6,507-foot ochre observation point offers a panoramic view of the Zion Canyon, where the green rivers meander between crimson alpine cliffs and hikers in the distance are as small as ants. Here you will be deeply impressed by how magnificent the landscape is. 


If you want to better feel the charm of Zion Park, I suggest you camp here in an RV just like I have done. I have long been planning the trip to Zion National Park, and I decide to camp with the HQ21 all-terrain travel trailer after long considerations. Its robust chassis, independent shockproof suspension system, high ground clearance and off-road tires ensure better protection for my camping trip. Of course, its cool appearance with diamond-cut lines and classic colors also appeal to me.


My family and I enter Zion National Park after buying tickets at the Kolob Canyons Visitor Center. Visitors are scarce at this high-altitude park. As I drive, the canyons and plateau pastures alternate to form a mesmerizing view. Approaching St George, we see the rock formation in the distance getting bigger. Having replenished our fuel and food supplies at St George, we reach our destination, Snow Canyon State Park. We find a tranquil clearing to park our RV, and walk from here to visit small slit-shaped canyons, volcanic slag piles, and lava tubes. These are the ingenious creations by nature hundreds of millions of years ago. Back in the RV, we turn on the instant water heater, and take a good shower. The 64 L drinking water tank, 240 L clean water tank, 100 L gray water tank, and 100 L black water tank ensure our adequate water supplies for camping and allow us to stay away from campsites. In the twilight of the canyon, we get to prepare dinner. With the convenient outdoor gas stove, such a poor cook as I am can easily cook delicious dishes. The exterior lighting and sound system are my favorite, because with them we can not only enjoy the night breeze in the mountains, but also listen to beautiful music. The Black Series HQ21 was undoubtedly a wise choice. Its luxurious interior and practical appliances make outdoor travel a comfy vacation.


Early in the morning, the sun shines into the car from the large windows on both sides of the head of the bed. Lying on the bed, we can see various light reflections in the canyon. We then drink coffee made by the coffee machine and listen to the birds chirping and the wind rustling through the leaves. Basking in the sun, we quietly appreciate all these fascinating views. We then continue our trip to the Red Canyon, where red boulders stand on the roadside, appearing more shiny in the twilight. Its most famous attractions are two budding rock arches. When we walk back to the trailer, it is getting colder with drizzle. We turn on the inverter air conditioner to warm up the inside of the trailer. Reading a magazine while sipping coffee, we soon feel at ease. The sound of rain dropping outside is undoubtedly a good lullaby for us lying on the large double bed at night. Providing shelter from wind and rain to make camping comfy, the Black Series HQ21 is our perfect travel buddy.

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