The Nurse Coach Collective Is Streamlining the Path of Registered Nurses to Becoming Fulfilled Nurse Coaches

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The Nurse Coach Collective Is Streamlining the Path of Registered Nurses to Becoming Fulfilled Nurse Coaches

September 02
23:46 2022
The company is broadening the financial pathways of nurses while refueling their passion for the profession and touching the lives of patients

The global trends in healthcare where patients remain in a cycle of depressive sicknesses and health workers experience regular burnouts and breakdown points to the miasma of the health sector. The COVID-19 pandemic was the salt upon these wounds as it dissolved the physical strands that managed to hold this sector together, causing tension and dissatisfaction among medical professionals around the world. For many patients – on whom the health sector is built- their hope to see the next day is derived from the lamps of diligent and passionate nurses. Unfortunately, it is an uphill task to demand so much from these caregivers who are stretched in every wise and are gradually losing their zest for the noble profession. However, the Nurse Coach Collective is positioned to reignite the spark missing in the lives of nurses and their practice of the profession.

The Nurse Coach Collective is a company transforming registered nurses into intentional and purpose-driven nurse health coaches through its Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate program that touches on the fields of psychology, science-based wellness practices, lifestyle medicine, and lifestyle coaching. The Transformative Nurse Coach program is an online training course that positions nurses to be on their way to a more fulfilling career, starting from passing the AHNCC (American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation) exams. 

A nurse health coach is used to describe a registered nurse with advanced training and education on improving comprehensive health and wellness in patients. These kinds of nurses move beyond the physical health and observable symptoms of their clients and delve to search out the factors influencing their minds, spirit, and soul in a deeply personal and judgement-free manner.

The Nurse Coach Collective teaches registered nurses to understand the relevance of the different lifestyle elements that make up the sphere of the patient’s total wellness such as nutrition, movement, sleep, relationships, mindfulness, and exercise to mention a few. In addition, the goal of the Nurse Coach Collective is to steer the nurses away from the typical quick-fix, curative model and train them to focus on minute lifestyle changes, habits, and practices that prevent these diseases in patients.

Furthermore, the Nurse Coach Collective empowers the certified nurse health coach to work in a variety of settings ranging from hospitals to wellness facilities, and even as private nurses. With their in-depth training in human psychology, the Nurse Health Coach can identify certain trends and patterns in their client’s day-to-day living as well as their medical records to develop a tailor-fit strategy to achieve the patient’s health and wellness goals.

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About The Nurse Coach Collective

The Nurse Coach Collective was created by Peter J Giza and Heather Lapides who are two highly-experienced and well-trained registered nurses providing the most accessible and extraordinary path to becoming a world-class Board-Certified Nurse Coach.

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