Eternity Earn Launches New dApp on Cronos Chain ($CRO) For Crypto Passive Income

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Eternity Earn Launches New dApp on Cronos Chain ($CRO) For Crypto Passive Income

May 09
22:11 2022
Eternity Earn Launches New dApp on Cronos Chain ($CRO) For Crypto Passive Income
The Eternity Earn miner is a decentralized $CRO Miner Rewards Pool that utilizes a dApp built on the growing Cronos network. Eternity Earn is not a token, it’s a system that allows $CRO to be staked and the contributors to enjoy returns of up to 8% daily ROI depending on the pool size and drawdown activity on the day.

Eternity Earn announces the launch of a new decentralized application (dApp) that allows investors and holders of the $CRO ( token to earn up to 8% daily ROI, or 2920% APR, by depositing $CRO tokens in an immutable contract residing on the Cronos Chain. Every transaction is traceable on the Cronos blockchain, allowing for trustless interaction between the user and the Eternity Earn dApp.

$CRO deposits are made on the Eternity Earn website and rewards begin immediately accruing at a variable rate up to 8% per day. Once $CRO deposits are locked in the Eternity Earn contract, users are encouraged to compound their rewards six days per week and then claim rewards on the seventh day. By following the recommended compound/claim schedule, the maximum daily rewards (up to 8%) can be acheived, allowing for a typical return on investment within four to six weeks. All rewards are paid in $CRO tokens based on the total value locked (TVL) in the contract liquidity pool and activity during the day by other users of the system. The value of $CRO is also variable and can fluctuate with market conditions.

The concept of a “miner” protocol is not new, however, Eternity Earn is combining the functionality of the proven daily ROI dApps, DRIP Network and Baked Beans, developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), to create an improved user experience and sustainable ecosystem on the Cronos Chain. “By leveraging proven protocols, the development timeline is accelerated without sacrificing the security and sustainability of the system”, explains, Atlas, lead developer at Eternity Earn. He continues, “Our goal is to bring DeFi to the masses by streamlining how users interact with the dApp on mobile devices and allow users to earn a crypto passive income by receiving a high daily yield for depositing $CRO into the protocol.”

$CRO holders can begin earning rewards instantly by connecting a Web3.0 wallet such as MetaMask or TrustWallet to the Eternity Earn website:

A 5% tax on deposits and withdrawals is being collected on Eternity Earn to support ecosystem growth and liquidity for the introduction of a new “DRIP Upgrade” token in the coming weeks. Future developments include launching the Eternity Earn dApp on multiple blockchains such as Solana (SOL). The development team is fully doxxed and all contracts will be audited by Certik

Eternity Earn is a Florida, USA registered limited liability company providing decentralized software applications and immuntable EVM contracts that interact with blockchain platforms such as Cronos Chain ( The Eternity Earn dApp is a $CRO miner whereby users can earn a crypto passive income by compounding and claiming $CRO rewards paid on locked deposits in the Eternity Earn contract. With a global development team based out of Singapore, Eternity Earn aims to develop decentralized finance applications that are inclusive, sustainable and scalable across blockchains.

Official Eternity Earn Website (link)

Inquiries can be made on the Eternity Earn Telegram channel (link) 

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