The Most Valuable Energy Storage Products of U.S. Based SunFusion

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The Most Valuable Energy Storage Products of U.S. Based SunFusion

December 27
07:50 2021
The Most Valuable Energy Storage Products of U.S. Based SunFusion

27 December, 2021 – The time has gone when prominent names like Sonnen, Tesla and LG Chem were known for their energy storage systems. Today, their place has been fetched by none other than SunFusion Energy Systems Inc. Owned by Walter Ellard, who is the CEO and Developer of the ECHO system and ECHO 2.0, SunFusion is a San Diego (California) based energy system manufacturing company that holds the market with its reliable and long-lasting energy products which fulfill all safety measures including UL safety.

Energy Storage System and Its Working

To learn deeply about energy storage systems, you need to be well aware of energy storage and its working. As for energy storage, it is the capture of energy produced at one time for usage at some other time later to lessen imbalances between energy demand and energy production. There is a device that stores energy called a battery or an accumulator (as in the case of SunFusion, it uses batteries for the storage).

As for the working of the energy storage system, the battery storage system (as it is available at SunFusion) is charged by electricity generated from renewable energy such as solar power or wind. The intelligent battery software, which is placed for the functioning, uses algorithms in order to coordinate energy production and then the computerized control systems which are used to decide when to keep the energy to provide reserves or release the energy to the grid for the ultimate use.

SunFusion Products

The company manufactures energy storage products mentioned as under:

Residential Products

Echo Series

The systems available at SunFusion are fully customizable to users/customers’ needs. If anyone is interested in buying them, they need to contact the company to get a quote or estimate.

Echo 3T, in or Outdoor

The Echo series have beaten all the leading names of the industry, as mentioned above, such as Tesla, LG Chem and Sonnen GmbH. The Echo series is called the most economical line of energy storage systems of SunFusion, and happens to be ideal for all residential needs. This system consists of an integrated Sol-Ark inverter. Specifications include:

  • Modular and Expandable
  • 14-1500kWh
  • Small footprint
  • Air cooled ventilation

Echo 4T, in and Outdoor

The Echo Outdoor series are simple awesome, as the company has expanded the storage and added waterproofing to keep the batteries dry. This system consists of an integrated Sol-Ark inverter. Specifications include:

  • Outdoor rated, NEMA 3R
  • 14-1880kWh
  • Air cooled ventilation
  • Modular and expandable
  • Small footprint
  • Echo 5T in or Outdoor

San Diego’s popular energy storage systems’ company ‘SunFusion’ is known for its EchoSeries that is its premium line of energy storage systems available in both indoor and outdoor versions. This system is utterly microgrid coupled with an integrated Sol-Ark inverter, management system and controller. It has specifications:

  • Outdoor rated, NEMA 3R
  • 28-2440kWh
  • Air cooled ventilation
  • Modular and expandable
  • Complete microgrid
  • Upgraded hardware

Sol-Ark Inverter

Importance of Sol-Ark 12K

The most attractive benefit for all SunFusion UES systems is that it carries an industry-leading 25-year warranty. They can well be managed remotely using PV Pro for Sol-Ark 12K. Specifications include:

  • Two Built-in 500 charge controllers
  • 1-4 PV strings
  • 48V Battery input
  • Battery disconnect
  • Rapid shutdown signal
  • Auto generator start
  • Battery communication
  • Built-in Arc fault and ground fault detection
  • PV disconnect
  • Current sensors included
  • Writing knockouts & WiFi
  • When it is tied with generator or grid, the continuous output power is 15W
  • 60A Breakers

Echo Specification Sheets

  • Inside Echo
  • Echo Spec Sheet
  • Inside Echo Battery
  • Inside SOL-ARK Inverter

Media Contact
Company Name: SunFusion Energy Systems Inc
Contact Person: Walter Ellard
Email: Send Email
Phone: 858-837-4755
Address:9020 Kenamar Dr Suit 204
City: San Diego
State: CA 92121
Country: United States

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