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June 03
00:01 2021 Explains the Benefits of Buying Moissanite Rings Instead of Diamonds

Moissanite was first discovered over a century ago in a meteorite found in Arizona. Dr. Henri Moissan described it as one of the most brilliant stones around. Unfortunately, though, there was not enough of the stone to make so much as a pair of earrings. Dr. Moissan was unable to popularize moissanite, but he did discover it, and the researchers who eventually found a way to create the stone in a lab named it after him.

Lab-created moissanite is made from silicon carbide formed as a single crystal. It’s just as beautiful as naturally produced moissanite, but far more abundant. Lab-grown moissanite has just as much fire, brilliance, and luster as its natural counterpart, and many cite it as being even more beautiful than diamonds. Read on to find out about the benefits of buying rings made from this amazing stone.

Unique Beauty

Moissanite is an incredibly brilliant, beautiful stone. It offers a light return better than that associated with diamonds, shining and shimmering no matter the light conditions. Those who want to see how it compares to traditional diamonds can check it out online and see what others have to say.

Affordable Price Points

The pricing for diamonds is based on cut, clarity, carat, and color. Moissanite’s price, on the other hand, is determined based on the stone’s size and enhancements. As a result, according to, moissanite rings are just as brilliant as diamond rings but can be purchased for just a fraction of the cost.

Impressive Durability

Moissanite doesn’t lose its shine or become clouded over time. It will be just as brilliant years down the line as it was the day the stone was set. This longevity makes moissanite rings perfect for family keepsakes.

This impressive stone is also very hard, which means it can resist chipping and breaking better than any material other than diamonds. Moissanite ranks incredibly high on the Mohs scale, making it harder than just about any other gemstone. Women can thus wear their moissanite rings every day without worrying about damaging them.

No Guilt

There are many reasons that Moissanite Jewellery Market May Set a New Epic Growth Story | Harro Gem, Trans Gems, Moissy Fine Jewellery claims that consumer awareness plays a large role. People don’t want to buy diamonds that were mined in war zones and used to fund wars and human rights violations. Unfortunately, even supposedly reputable diamond vendors that source their diamonds “ethically” have been coming under fire for their unethical practices.

There’s no need to worry about the potential repercussions of purchasing moissanite stones. Since this material is not produced on Earth, there’s no mining involved and no exploitation. Instead, the moissanite used by Gema & Co is grown in laboratories under fair and safe conditions by trained scientists.

Don’t buy the hype about traditional diamonds. Moissanite rings are a much better alternative. They’re just as beautiful and long-lasting, but the money generated by moissanite creation never goes to fund wars, and it doesn’t cost a small fortune to purchase an incredibly brilliant moissanite ring.

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