Techno Artist Kronica Releases New Track ‘Dejected Noize‘. Listen Complete Track On Spotify

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Techno Artist Kronica Releases New Track ‘Dejected Noize‘. Listen Complete Track On Spotify

December 03
10:09 2020

When it comes to sounds that make one move, Kronika is right up there. This artist has 20 years of experience making beats. One can tell because the songs are so smooth. They are also creative and interesting to listen to. This is how listeners know someone has been at it for a while.

This is techno, house, and breakbeat combined. It’s something one can dance to and also music that one can put on when they are working out. It is certainly high energy and for those who are planning on upping the ante on their daily activities.

There is a lot of bass in the music and some sharp synths. That’s what makes it an almost digital experience to listen to. One can get a lot of throw backs to the 90s when the rave music was just coming onto the scene. It sounds a little bit like jungle trance but a smoother version that one can jam out to.

All in all, when someone want to get the experience of the music, they will have to crank it up loud. It kind of seems like the songs are meant to be experienced in a club setting. However, given the recent lockdown, one will have to settle for hearing it in their homes for now.

The “Dejected Noize” single is on Spotify and it makes for easy listening. One will get a taste of other songs by Kronika as well. The artist has also put “Buzzsaw” up. It’s an extraordinary track as well.

One can see that the artist is a master at mixing and producing. Many of the big names such as Diplo produce their music solely on the computer now. It’s clearly a complicated process, and it’s just as much of an art as making music instrumentally.

Kronika has the experience that has outlasted many decades of music trends. They are organic in their own right. They constantly put out better sounds that are easier to listen to. The early beginnings of techno were experimental, but it seems that the industry has really found their vibe and sound now.

The songs that one can hear are just a taste of the talent that is Kronika. Listeners may be a little jarred by “Dejected Noize” at first, but then they will find that it’s actually a pretty smooth track. One might not want to listen to it just before going to sleep though. It has an energy that will amp up rather than calm one down.

It’s easy to love Kronika even if one is new to the techno world. It’s a lot different than the Moby days, and a bit of a high energy thrill.

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