Bestselling author Patricia Mota is dedicated to closing gaps for Latinas in business

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Bestselling author Patricia Mota is dedicated to closing gaps for Latinas in business

December 21
03:05 2021
She lived the education gap. Now the CEO of the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement is working to help under represented women close pay gaps on the way to the next level in their careers.

Growing up as a Mexican-American in a low-income neighborhood, Patricia Mota didn’t realize how under-resourced her school was until she moved to a more affluent community in her junior year. At the new, predominantly white, high school, she was placed in AP classes, which didn’t exist at her previous school at the time. She met with college recruiters at the new school, whereas the only recruiters who came to her other high school were predominantly military recruiters. At the new school she had regular meetings with a guidance counselor to review her college applications, career plans, and available resources. “I tell people that I lived the education gap that underserved students experienced, meaning that we start with a leg behind not a leg up in pursuing higher education,” she explains. “That’s why, ever since then, I’m always looking to close gaps, not only for students but also professionals, so they can gain access to information and resources that, by no fault of their own, they just didn’t have access to.” 

As president and CEO of the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE), Patricia has made a dramatic impact in women’s careers. She scaled HACE’s women’s leadership program, Mujeres de HACE, from a single program in Chicago to programs in 15 cities, then internationally, creating a vibrant and strong multi-generational support network. And recently she secured funding to start a new branch of the leadership program customized for entrepreneurs, launching with a cohort of 20 Latinas. “We want them to walk away with access to capital. We want them to walk away culturally relevant content and resources. And they will walk away with meaningful knowledge and connections, through HACE and beyond, that are going to help them, whether it’s updating their business plan, marketing plan, anything with attorneys, because we have access to that at HACE.”

Separately, Patricia and two co-founders, Olga Camargo and Juan Carlos Avila, are launching SHENIX in early 2022, a fintech firm designed to help women with their finances. “I’m excited about this endeavor because it aligns with my personal mission and it’s another tool to be able to help close the wealth gap, the pay gap, that Latinas and women face. We will provide culturally relevant products and services to support them along the way and help them achieve key milestones.” 

Find out about HACE’s services at and connect with Patricia Mota on LinkedIn or Twitter @Patricia Mota77

Patricia offers much more advice—including ideas for navigating the college process for parents whose children attend under-resourced schools—in the inspiring new book Latinas Who Boss Up. “These boss ladies are truly inspiring, sharing their breakthroughs and triumphs for all of us to experience,” says author, educator, and podcaster Tam Luc. “Latinas Who Boss Up taught me more about a mix of cultures that I never stopped to examine. While our origin stories vary, we all experience life in full color and must navigate our circumstances. These beautiful women represent the world of Latina Super Latinas and I am so happy to introduce them to you.” You can learn more about Patricia and the other featured women at, where you will find a link to Latinas Who Boss Up. 

About the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement 

The Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE) is a national non-profit dedicated to the employment, development, and advancement of current and aspiring Latinx professionals. Since 1982, HACE has served as a resource for Latinos in the workplace and is a subject matter expert for corporations seeking to access diverse talent. With a network of over 85,000 members across the country, HACE works with employers to remain competitive in an increasingly dynamic economy by helping them attract, develop and retain Latino and diverse professionals.

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Tam Luc is an international bestselling author and the founder of Women with Vision International who shares the triumphs, stress, and struggles of balancing her life to help women grow their businesses. After 20 years as an entrepreneur, she is able to help women leverage their messages and create the lifestyle they want through her unique book messaging strategies. Hear from some of the amazing entrepreneurs who have worked with Tam at  

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