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Flatbed Trailer Rental for Freight Saves Money and Time for Companies

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Flatbed Trailer Rental for Freight Saves Money and Time for Companies

August 26
10:11 2020
Quick, easy, stress-free flatbed trailer rental does exist!

Moving freight quickly from one location to another is imperative.  Time and money can be lost when delays occur and freight itself might suffer damages.  Finding efficient and quick transport becomes imperative.  RoadLINX, in Ontario, CA has solved this dilemma.  The ease of ordering their flatbed freight services is a stress-free process and is done quickly and easily by companies.  Their delivery options are multiple and delivery times exceptional.  RoadLINX flatbed trailer rental offers a wide variety of options for transport of many types of goods.  These options include smaller sized flatbed freight services as well as over-sized loads, and even more extensive freight options.  The over-sized load capacities can accommodate up to 100,000 lbs. Using a flatbed truck for these types of loads is a necessity as over-sized loads are generally too tall and too wide for a standard van type freight truck. Most companies that need flatbed freight services do not possess the necessary types of freight trucks that are needed for every type of product they must transport or ship.  Freight that is transported over land is indeed much cheaper and using flatbed trailer rentals a much more cost-effective method of transport. 

Choosing the right flatbed trucking company means the difference between success and failure.

RoadLINX even provides gooseneck trucking services, where a vehicle must be driven up onto the flat bed and many times stacked in order to be delivered in quantity.  It can be difficult to find this type of flatbed offering that is quick, efficient and cost-effective.  RoadLINX is proud of the fact that this service is offered as well as a plethora of other services such as temperature-controlled flatbeds, storage flatbeds, refrigerated trucks, trade show services, cross-border transport, and even a selection of reefer trucks.  Reefer trucks are refrigerated and motorized and make use of carbon dioxide to keep the inside of the truck cool.  These trucks came into play in the 1920s and were first utilized by the Borden Company for use as ice cream trucks.  These are still in demand today for either long or short haul transport by food providers.  However, many companies find it too expensive to buy and maintain these types of trucks, therefore choose flatbed trailer rental services when needed.  The reefer truck now is much more technically proficient than back in the 1920s but still expensive to buy and maintain.  The maintenance especially can be costly as after each run the truck must be completely cleaned and sanitized before another utilization. 

Time is money in any type of transport of goods prompting companies to seek expedited services.

RoadLINX also specializes in expedited services, with all inquiries to their company on availability and costs of transport experiencing a 24-hour response.  RoadLINX is proud of its ability to be prompt and provide a large variety of services.  RoadLINX of course, is a flatbed trucking rental specialist, but can also work with any customer on any type of transportation needs they might have that require freight transport.  So many options exist that a visit to the RoadLINX Web site or a phone call to them for any type of transport, is a wise idea. 

About RoadLINX

RoadLINX of Ontario specializes in trucking services and specifically flatbed trailer rentals, but offers a wide variety of other trucking and transport options.  Their quick 24-hour response time to any inquiries is a great customer service option.  There are an online form, email and phone, and all estimates on any type of freight, large or small is free.  All services can be customized and specialized according to client need. 

Media Contact
Company Name: Roadlinx Inc.
Contact Person: Ilan Kilimnik
Email: Send Email
Phone: 905-760-1141
Address:6201 Highway 7 West, Unit #2
City: Vaughan
State: Ontario
Country: Canada

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