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Neutrino Energy Is the Solution to Economic Downturn and Energy Scarcity

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Neutrino Energy Is the Solution to Economic Downturn and Energy Scarcity

August 26
09:33 2020
Ongoing economic turmoil is majorly affecting the fossil fuel industry. Across the world, gasoline prices have fallen precipitously, which is harming fossil fuel producers more than it harms renewable energy.
In the United States alone, renewable energy is set to make up for 20% of all energy needs in 2020. This major shift in American energy consumption is occurring at the same time that many oil companies are desperately attempting to avoid bankruptcy due to prices that just hit rock-bottom.
The future of energy security
Rapidly fluctuating pricing within the oil industry is just one sign of the impending collapse of the fossil fuel empire. Many types of renewable energy are now cheaper than fossil fuels, leading to increased interest in “going green” among state and local governments across the United States. 
Another major reason driving this shift toward renewables is that they are seen as more reliable and dependable in the event of widespread supply chain disruption due to an economic downturn. While renewable energy sources require maintenance, they don’t require a steady influx of oil to operate.
Regardless of how diplomatic relationships with oil producers across the world might wax and wane, nations and local governments still have access to the energy they need with renewables. Each existing renewable energy technology, however, has inherent issues that limit the utility of green energy in fighting economic instability.
Neutrino energy for a sustainable future
To create a comprehensive network of green energy technologies, it’s necessary to make up for the limits of wind, solar, and geothermal energy. Windmills only operate in windy conditions, and solar panels only operate in daylight. While efficient, geothermal energy only works in certain select areas of the world. Each of these renewable energy technologies is highly useful, but the gaps need to be filled with an energy technology that operates anywhere, anytime.
In 2015, scientists discovered that neutrinos have mass, and ever since, researchers around the world have sought to capture the mass of these ethereal particles for energy. A few years later, this incredible feat of science and engineering has been accomplished, and the widespread use of neutrino-based energy generation devices is already on the horizon.
The Neutrino Energy Group is the solution
Founded by Holger Thorsten Schubart, the Neutrino Energy Group is a multinational alliance of energy scientists and neutrino researchers united by a common goal: delivering consumer-level neutrino energy technologies within the next few years. Starting with the Neutrino Power Cube, these next-generation devices will allow off-grid lifestyles and spur unprecedented innovation. With your support, the Neutrino Energy Group will achieve its goals for the sake of humanity even sooner.
Authors: Wilken Stephenson & Mark Gordon

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