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Tennis Mate Launched on Kickstarter to Let Users Practice Tennis Anywhere

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Tennis Mate Launched on Kickstarter to Let Users Practice Tennis Anywhere

August 26
04:58 2020
The ultimate tennis training accessory that lets beginners or advanced players practice tennis at home or anywhere

A new portable tennis training accessory that allows users to practice tennis on their own, indoors and outdoors, under any weather conditions, and to improve their skills in an intuitive way has been launched today on Kickstarter, at <>.

Tennis Mate allows users to practice up to 24 sets of movements and 18 techniques and it allows for several adjustments to be made. Designed for players from 150cm to 180cm of height, the device easily rotates 180 degrees to change the state of support and suspension, it allows users to adjust to high, middle, low, forehand volley, cutting, and volley positions, and the ball height can also be adjusted from 126 cm to 191 cm.

“This is truly a tennis training accessory for our times,” Mr. Huang, one of the developers of the device, said. “For those who are self-isolating, Tennis Mate lets you practice tennis at home, safely and conveniently. You won’t get bored and you’ll get better at playing tennis, whether you’re just doing it for fun or exercising, or you’re actually practicing your skills to improve them.”

While Tennis Mate is clearly a helpful resource for tennis teachers and coaches, who will find it easier to demonstrate certain movements that beginners often struggle to understand and repeat, any person can independently use the device. “Men and women, people from 10 to 100 years old, anyone can use it because this is a user-friendly, safe and extremely intuitive device that has been developed to offer the perfect tennis practicing experience,” Mr. Huang said while also highlighting that no ball will ever need to be picked up.

The device also goes easy on the user’s tennis equipment, not putting any damaging pressure on the racket. Tennis Mate has a swing-arm and a large-sized soft sponge ball, which can rotate and bounce back in time when hitting, with the ball spinning upward or downward when the user hits it, perfectly mimicking the dynamics of playing tennis.

Tennis Mate is easy to assemble, use and disassemble. Weighing only 7.5kg, this is a portable device that comes with a nylon bag that makes it easy to carry. Made from an Aluminum alloy and PA, TPU material, Tennis Mate also addresses typical user concerns related to durability issues. “The device has been built to last, having been tested more than 50,000 times and proved to be robust and durable,” Mr. Huang detailed while also highlighting that this equipment has been created with eco-friendly materials.

The Tennis Mate campaign on Kickstarter at <> is seeking to raise $10,000 to fund the large-scale production of the device which will be offered early and for a special price to the backers who support the campaign.

About the Creators of Tennis Mate

Based in Hong Kong, SWALLOWSING HONGKONG SPORTS TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED, is committed to making Tennis Mate a reality, as the company specializes in creating high-quality tennis equipment. The company has acquired more than 10 national patents so far, and its team of art and design professionals carries on exploring the potential of innovation design to create new solutions for tennis players. In particular, the concept of Tennis Mate has received multiple national and regional awards in 2015 and was published in Tsinghua University’s magazine in 2017.

Media Contact
Contact Person: Huang Li
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Phone: +13512744978
Country: HongKong

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