Voting Buddy Helps The Undecided, And Unsure Voters Determine Who Their Beliefs Best Align With

Developed by a former MIT professor, Voting Buddy walks users through a short quiz to help determine the political parties and figures their views align with. Undecided or unsure voters

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Unlike Most CPAs and Financial Advisors, Peak Retirement Planning, Inc. Offers Tax Planning Services

Peak Retirement Planning, Inc. asks a valid question — “Why do financial planners and CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) not talk about tax planning?” Everyone must pay taxes and it is

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Bring Housewares with Integrity into a Space While Supporting Artisans with Handmade atelierBOEMIA Products

Housewares brand atelierBOEMIA was created in 2014 by two interior designers looking for authentic, unique pieces with soul for clients’ homes. The small woman-owned business believes that people today, more

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Donnell “Jigga” McFadden Breathes Colors Onto a DSNY Sanitation Truck

Known for his epic art in shoes, Donnell “Jigga” McFadden takes a bigger canvas as he gets selected as one of the best artists from 240 participants chosen to design

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Colbert Ball Tax Service provides stress-free tax services during Tax Season

Houston-based company will kick off Tax Season on December 12th allowing clients to get their taxes done early Houston, TX

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Youth and entrepreneurship: Why People Should promote it

Dr. Neva of Nevalliance hosted an entrepreneurship workshop for Uniondale Senior High School students in Uniondale, NY. The development of

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Rent VPS and Dedicated servers from Moldova

First step – Choose Hosting provider The choice of offshore hosting provider is often determined not only by their current

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Phoenix Used Vehicle Dealer Starts Podcast – Phoenix Legit Motorsports LLC

Gomez started the podcast to build relationships with PLM’s customers. They wanted to create a forum where they could connect

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Babies who cry uncontrollably could be at risk for migraines and various developmental disorders

The “Colic Handbook” provides an in-depth guide to help frustrated parents when consoling their fussy babies. It contains some information

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November 2022