One of the must-read books on mental health in 2022 written by a mentally ill man who explores his life through art, poetry and music

In conjunction with Mental Health Awareness Month, Dan Joyce has updated parts of his work titled ‘Have You Taken Your Meds?’. Joyce, a versatile artist and author, continues to redefine

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1752 Electrical Services offers the best electrical service at an affordable rate.

There are only very few people lucky enough not to need the services of a professional electrician. For the rest, there is always 1752 Electrical Services. They offer the best

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A New Bright Star in the Sphere of New Age Music – Karen Salicath Jamali Impresses in New Album

‘Hope of Angels’ is a breakthrough in inspirational music writing – it is Karen Jamali at her absolute best Karen Salicath Jamali is a multi-award wining composer, pianist, and professional

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