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How bestselling author Cheryll Dahlin became a Mom Boss

She had no grand plan, no big dream: “I just started moving.” Cheryll Dahlin is a self-described social butterfly. Being alone inside she feels cooped up. Networking and connecting with

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Bestselling author Cynthia Hearse found her safe space – and herself

A degree in accounting but a passion for ministry led Pastor C to a new calling as a coach and counselor Like most high-schoolers, Cynthia Hearse applied to college with

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Bestselling author Dai Smith on being the model she needed

With no “mompreneurs” out there to show her how they did it, Dai decided she’d be that girl for others In college, Dai Smith used to organize her friends’ dorm

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Bestselling author Annie Hardock on seizing opportunities

As an entrepreneur running two successful businesses, she’s always learning and growing. But her most valuable lessons came from striving to be a better parent. Annie Hardock loves math. It

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Bestselling author Angela Bell wants women to stop waiting for permission to go after their goals

Get rid of the mom guilt and set an example for your kids by using your voice and achieving your

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How bestselling author Allison Almond woke up one day and changed her life

Turning her back on parental expectations, Allison found success on her own terms doing what she loves Allison Almond has

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Bestselling author Natalie Martin: “I was tired of being average.”

How a math teacher rewrote the story she was telling herself and grew into the great life she deserved. Natalie

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Maheshkumar Jogani, CMD Jogani Reinforcement Explains Why Innovation Is the most Effective Tool For Asset Creation

Innovations are happening everywhere and at an unprecedented speed. Strategic management, innovative creation, and tactical thinking are essential links to

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Softec Corporation, Beauty Bakery conduct LOTT Private Sale

Softec Corporation and Beauty Bakery announced on November 12th, 2021 that it will conduct a private sale of ‘LOTT tokens‘

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November 2021