The Gibson Girlz Set Their Sights On The Business World

Lauren, Natalie, and Cortney Gibson are The Gibson Girlz – a TikTok attraction that inspired thousands of young women across the globe. Lauren is currently developing Allorfit while Cortney and

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My Taxe – Now Compare Taxi Fares With My Taxe

The post-pandemic world has been extremely tough to deal with both mentally and financially as well. Never-ending lockdowns and rapid shutdown of businesses have placed people in a tough financial

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Pastor Jonathan Vandermark Jr. Honors Daughter’s Death by Releasing Book “9 Months to Say Goodbye: The Inspirational Story of Virginia Rose”

“One of the most inspirational stories I’ve encountered.” Dr. Melissa Caudle – Bestselling Children’s Book Author After his daughter’s death, Pastor Jonathan Vandermark Jr. Releases “9 Months to Say Goodbye:

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The Young Musician Music Institute leads the charge in offering the finest music education in Abu Dhabi

Ranked as one of the finest music schools in the United Arab Emirates, The Young Musician Music Institute leads the way in honing its students’ musical skills and providing them

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MegaHoot Tech to Give Supporters Non-Fungible Tokens

MegaHoot Technologies will be distributing custom MegaHoot related NFTs on August 11, 2021. The digital asset space is growing rapidly,

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Karma Nail Wraps Take Manicures to a Whole New Level

Thanks to nail wraps, expensive salons and long dry times have become a thing of the past. Once upon a

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Microsoft to Retire SATV Program, NetCom Learning Geared Up to Assist Organizations to Redeem the Training Vouchers

Microsoft SATV’s retire by Year-end. NetCom Learning all set to help businesses Redeem the Training Vouchers Aug 2, 2021 – New York, United

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AWS Authorized Cloud Security Training by NetCom Learning Empowers Organizations to Bridge Cloud Security Skills Gap

AWS Authorized Cloud Security Training by NetCom Learning Empower teams with AWS Authorized Cloud Security Training to drive collaboration, innovation,

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New live streaming app Lovecast making big waves in the virtual wedding scene, already used by 10,000+ couples

Lovecast is a new cutting-edge virtual wedding live streaming app that assures HD-quality video and audio as well as highly

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Remotely manage Raspberry Pi with RemoteIoT platform

When there are hundreds of IoT devices available to the company, it is difficult to ensure that each device is

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August 2021