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Corporate Intelligence Veterans Spectrum Asia Partners Rebrand as Lyriant Advisory

The well-established and Asia-focused corporate intelligence firm Spectrum Asia Partners has rebranded as Lyriant Advisory as of 30 October 2020. The business has operated continually since 2003, originally as Spectrum

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Tigershape Rolls Out Instant Electro Muscle Stimulation Products to Help Fitness Enthusiasts

November 3, 2020 – Thanks to the team at Tigershape, fitness enthusiasts, and everyone that is looking to get in shape and build some muscles can now achieve instant results

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A guide to getting group assignments right in the age of lockdown: The 7 step formula for fair and effective team assignments

Auckland, New Zealand – Group assignments are both ubiquitous in most university classes and almost universally loathed by students. Getting group assignments right under normal circumstances is challenging, but when

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The 8th Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair Commences

Online and Offline Assembly of Global Design Talent – “New” Way to Hosting a Multidisciplinary Exhibition Hosted by the People’s Government of Shenzhen Municipality and organized by Shenzhen Industrial Design

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Rexx Cummings Announces RC UNIVERSITY, A Leading Educational Resource for E-Commerce Success

The RC University provides expert-level knowledge, guidance, and support for business opportunities in multiple industries and sectors. Rosemead, CA –

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“The Path to Healing” Airs Fiftieth Episode

Tracy Boone and Elijah Boone of “Elijah’s Path to Healing Foundation,” will air the fiftieth episode of their show, “The

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Meet El Maleante: An artist that pioneers the sound of Reggaeton

In his own peculiar way, Rogelio Gorin aka El Maleante a Panamanian Reggae/Reggaeton singer-songwriter, and recording artist is taking his

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During COVID-19 the Streaming Network, Exposure TV Managed to Sustain and Excel

Uncertain about the future of the streaming app Exposure TV a content distribution network managed to breakthrough. MILWAUKEE – November

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The Global Final Round of 2020 Overseas International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Hefei Hi-tech Zone was successfully held

On October 29 9:30 AM, the Global Final Round of 2020 Overseas International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Hefei Hi-tech

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Rx Safety Is The New Lens Replacement Competitor With Great Prices

Eyewear has become important for several reasons. While some wear it to shade their eyes from the direct impact of

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