Ukrainian singer Airis Vasilieva releases emotional EP “Trinity” symbolically to the 2 years of the full scale war

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Ukrainian singer Airis Vasilieva releases emotional EP “Trinity” symbolically to the 2 years of the full scale war

February 21
16:33 2024

Meet Airis Vasilieva, the UK-based singer and songwriter from Ukraine.

Get ready for a musical rollercoaster as Airis drops her latest album, Trinity! This three-part sonic journey is a raw and emotional ride, giving you a front-row seat to Airis’s life since the beginning of the war and her whirlwind adventures across different countries.

On the foot crossing borders, sitting in emergency shelters, sleeping in Church, having no idea where to go, she has been through it all. 

Trinity contains three songs symbolizing different states of mind from pain and victim hood to inspiration and happiness no matter what happens.

PTAH (from Ukr. “Bird”): Experience the chaos of war through three languages – English, Russian, and Ukrainian. Airis takes you on a wild ride, sleeping in shelters, following intuition, and dancing to the beat of her own resilience. “I can’t fly, but I feel like a wild bird,” she sings, navigating a world with no plan but plenty of heart.

Higher: Say goodbye to victimhood! Airis cranks up the empowerment with this anthem of strength. Fighting for a better life, seizing opportunities, and embracing love – she’s taking charge, no matter what life throws at her. It’s a power-packed track that’ll have you ready to conquer the world.

WOW: The final act radiates with gratitude and new hope. Feel the peace settle in Airis’s heart as she shares the moment when everything becomes breathtakingly beautiful. It’s a celebration of love, life, and the incredible journey that brought her to this point.


Music is now available on all digital platforms.


When did you first discover your ability to sing and write songs? 

–          I remember, I was 4 years old and my dad was listening to classic opera music, I tried to copy the manner of the singer, and it worked. I was singing a lot in my childhood and learning songs super fast. Once I learned how to write I started inventing different lyrics and converting the known ones.

Why did you decide to write in english?

–          Oh, I learned english when I was 15 and honestly since the moment I started speaking I felt like this is the language I am meant to speak. Of course no matter how well I’d know English I can’t become a native speaker and still make mistakes. My life is based outside the country, my partner is a native English speaker, every day I communicate with people from over the world, and it’s a language I use more than my native. English expands my audience a lot and I believe that if I’ll be sending my messages widely I’ll find my audience around the globe.

What is your message?

–          I aim to spread positive vibes to people. My life hasn’t always been easy, but it taught me that I can still find happiness no matter what. My message is simple: whatever happens, tune into your own vibe, shift your mindset, and observe how circumstances align with it. I enjoy creating a safe and transformative space for others, and one recent practice I learned in Asia is sound healing. I’m excited to incorporate it more into my songwriting journey.

Why Trinity?

–          This word has different meanings, spanning mysticism, religion, and even the cinematic world featuring the character Trinity.

It means a lot to me as well as to other people. It contains three songs that have absolutely different energy and transform one from another. This EP is an actual journey from traumatic experience to awakening. One wouldn’t be possible without the other. It’s different stages to come through—Pain, Power, Bless. Symbolically, Matrix to me means a constant trap of my own fears and limitations, while Trinity symbolises the rebellion of the pure heart and happiness against the mind’s maze. This is also why the pictures for this release are linked to that theme.

What does each song mean?

–       Ptah” (Bird) is about the chaos of war, finding strength in uncertainty, and reconnecting with my roots. “I can’t fly, but I feel like a wild bird”.

“Higher” is all about empowerment – choosing love over hate, and taking charge of your destiny.

“WOW” is a celebration of gratitude and hope, reminding us that beauty can emerge from even the darkest moments.

What if you fail? 

–          The concept of failure is very relative. It won’t be a failure unless I decide it is. I’m not afraid to fall as I failed and raised many times. My whole message is about joy, happiness and not giving up.

What is your short term goal in music?

–          Now my goal is clear – I want to send my message and find my audience. I want to see and feel people that would love what I do, I am ready for criticism and hate as well. I hope to start shows with my own written songs some time soon. Stay tuned.

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