Empowering Future Generations: The Role of Parents in Shaping Success

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Empowering Future Generations: The Role of Parents in Shaping Success

February 21
15:59 2024
Empowering Future Generations: The Role of Parents in Shaping Success
Kharis Publishing announces the release of “Rich-Minded Mom, Poor-Minded Dad” by Federico Siggillino, Parental Influence on Children’s Success.

Today’s society has never been more prosperous and abundant of opportunities. Chances are literally there for the taking. However, despite been in place, all too often these remain, untouched, unspotted. Why? Because, all too many are not used to spotting opportunities when these present themselves. This is really a shame, if we think about it.

The Bible reminds us that life is abundant. That there is more than enough for each and everyone of us. Yet, we eternally live in scarcity. We mistakenly believe that there is not enough for everybody, be it in terms of jobs, money, even opportunities, if you like.

Too busy to spot what we miss over what we already have (and what’s wrong over what’s right), it is no surprise that we see gloomy, stressed-out individuals around every corner. According to psychology, adults smiles on average 20 times a day, 380 times less than children (https://www.thejournal.ie/mental-health-smile-1550017-Jul2014/). The problem lies exactly there. When we get off on the wrong foot, and habitually have a negative mindset, we see the half empty glass pretty much everywhere. Never mind spotting opportunities like a better job, more money, better relationships, you name it.

We are social animals, this is a given. As such, we are easily influenced by the people they spend most time with. Friends, acquaintances, colleagues, even parents, if you like. There is one big issue, though.  If these are pessimist, grumpy, stingy, guess what, over time we are very likely to turn the exact, same way. That is, pessimist, grumpy, and stingy. The same goes with the way we think and see the world. If one or both parents are scarcity-thinkers, in the long run, their little ones are likely to grow one likewise. That is, they will, in turn, be raised to think that the world lacks in opportunities. Now, a scarcity thinker is not just pessimist about the future. He or she also is used to play on the defence, avoid risks and stay in the comfort zone at all times. Too scared by the prospect of what could happen, they are not the type of taking risks and play full out. If this was just a problem concerning one single person, it would be no big deal. The issue is when a scarcity-thinker teaches others to be likewise. When they influence others to be and grow up to reason the same exact way. No surprise we have new generations, but the mindset remains the same all the way through the decades.  

Since parents play a critical role in their children’s upbringing, they can easily lift them up, but also take them down with their teachings, if they are not careful. In this respect, one of the teachings regards the way of thinking. How to behave before unexpected problems. How to stand your ground before adversities. How to play on the attack rather than on the defense.

The book I had the pleasure to write, Rich-minded Mom, Poor Minded Dad goes through this very issue. To show the differences between how a rich-minded parent reasons, behaves, and acts, versus a poor-minded one. Being parents children’s first educators, they play a critical role in their children’s education. That said, they need to install a winning mindset into their children’s young minds. Failure to do so may result in them becoming victims, rather than winners of society. To show how valuable they are, to learn to say NO, and carve out their space in today’s harsh reality, if they want to be successful and lead a 10-plus life. Basically, all the opposite of what a scarcity thinker, defense-player would think and do.

It is not always easy, especially for kids and teenagers entering society for the first time. This is why their parents’ input is indispensable. Not in terms of money, as we may easily think, but in terms of thinking and content. I firmly believe that a rich-minded parent is very likely to raise rich-minded children. To instil into their unexperienced young minds the seeds to become successful in life. How? Through uplifting content. By teaching them to take initiative. By speaking their minds and showing their personality. Long story short, all what it takes to be winners, (rather than losers) in future. Not everyone is lucky enough to have had rich-minded parents. In case you are a current or would-be parent, you can work on yourself to become the parent you wish you had. To teach what you were never taught. To witness your children savor their results, knowing deep down that you gave them the initial push. If it is true that behind every successful man, there is a woman, it is also fair to say that behind every successful kid, there was a rich-minded parent first.  

About Rich-Minded Mom, Poor-Minded Dad by Federico Siggillino 

Based on perspectives, know-how, and common sense, this book talks about the rich and poor suggestions Federico’s parents gave him during his teenage years. Its purpose is to be thought- provoking and to make the reader think about life, and how parents can lift their children up, but also bring them down if they are not careful. Sadly, many parents have a limited perspective on life. Having never really pushed themselves out of their comfort zones, they have never questioned their own beliefs and ideas, or taken on any real challenges or risks. 

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/V7dATDfUVu8 

Rich-Minded Mom, Poor-Minded Dad will discuss the differences between these parents. Framed around the author’s personal experience, you will see one parent adopting a winning attitude, and the other demonstrating a poor one. How one encourages following one’s dreams, while the other leans towards playing it safe.

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