Smart Scribe: Onyx BOOX’s New Feature to Refine Reading & Scribbling on ePaper

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Smart Scribe: Onyx BOOX’s New Feature to Refine Reading & Scribbling on ePaper

December 04
20:46 2023


Onyx BOOX recently unveiled its latest firmware, introducing the impressive Smart Scribe, a cornucopia that includes an array of useful tools for enhancing efficiency in reading, note-taking, and sketching.

For ePaper product lovers, Smart Scribe improved the smoothness of using their devices. Through skillfully combining the physical properties of E Ink screens and software algorithms, BOOX enables users to control their products in a more intuitive way. For example, people can highlight important information by merely circling the content. When users draw a circle, the movement of the stylus tip will be tracked, swiftly highlighting the encircled text. Such mark recognition ability is a time saver for people usually engaging in lots of reading.

Another interesting feature, Strikethrough Erase dubbed by BOOX, is also a game changer. It allows users to remove unwanted content on notepads or books via a wavy line, just like what they’ll do on real paper, but the content they scribbled really disappears. This feature frees people from the clunkiness of shifting between pens and erasers and saves them money from buying a stylus with an eraser.


In addition, Smart Scribe also includes practical features for people who are usually in the midst of exam or presentation preparation, notably the Content Tape. With a wavy stroke, people can black out the keywords on the academic paper or script outline to test their comprehension. It’s like a digital flashcard to prompt active participation. Such features significantly augment the versatility of BOOX products.

Voices from doodling lovers are also answered by BOOX with Shape Perfection. As its name implies, it allows users to create precise lines and geometric shapes with a single stroke. Following a one-second pause, perfection takes shape under the tip. Users can make their notes more structured and delightful with it. Combined with the Fill Tool and Free Lasso—both included in the latest firmware—creative minds can unleash their imagination on this ePaper canvas.

As an immediate response to the feedback of a wide spectrum of users, Smart Scribe enhanced the convenience of using ePaper products across multiple dimensions. It preserved the pleasure of pen-to-paper scribbling while at the same time improving the efficiency of operation. BOOX says that Smart Scribe is already available in their new releases, Note Air3 C and Tab Ultra C Pro, and will gradually roll out to more users through firmware updates.

About Onyx BOOX

BOOX is a global leading E Ink electronic brand of Onyx that specializes in E Ink tablets and monitors. It offers 6inch to 13.3inch E Ink products to assist aspiring, persistent, and innovative users in becoming more productive in work and study without straining their eyes. With cutting-edge hardware and advanced software, BOOX is the world’s only E Ink electronic brand that combines E Ink with Android and provides maximum flexibility. More product information can be found at

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