Explore The Advantage Of Shelter Structures’ New Generation Industrial-Use Shelters

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Explore The Advantage Of Shelter Structures’ New Generation Industrial-Use Shelters

November 25
01:46 2023

Shelter Structures is the international brand for aluminum structure buildings, providing space solutions for events, sports, industrial storage and more. With more than 20 years experience, we have been providing hundreds of thousands of projects to clients in global range. Especially for the industrial warehouse storage and operational shelters, they are one of our core competences among our categories.

Shelter structures aluminum structure temporary warehouse

Why clients trust us? One of the most important reasons is that the diversity of our products, catering to a wide range of industrial needs. From versatile designs to customized options, our aluminum tents are manufactured to meet the unique specifications for various industries, such as in mining & refinery, industrial manufacturing, commercial storage and more. Moreover, we never compromise the quality, the shelters are the protection for clients’ asset and lives, high-quality products stands as a testament to our dedication. “High-quality” is not just a saying, each tent is meticulously engineered with precision and care, ensuring not only durability but also meeting international industry standards. From the design stage, we manage strict processes, including but not limited to general solution design, structural design, detailed segments design, design output and feedback, design modification, then to final output. Only by carefully managing the details at every step from the outset can we craft high-quality products.

What are the primary materials used in Shelter Structures’ industrial shelters? At the core of Shelter Structures’ industrial shelters is the utilization of anodized hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy as the structural frame, specifically 6061-T6 aluminum. Aluminum alloy, being lighter than steel under the same unit, has the premium feature of lightweight construction. Moreover, aluminum is 100% recyclable, ensuring that this material can be reused indefinitely without compromising its quality.

In the case of 6061-T6, the “6061” represents the alloy’s specific chemical composition, while the “T6” indicates the tempering process applied to the aluminum alloy, involving solution heat treatment and artificial aging. This treatment imparts the alloy with high strength and durability.

Thanks to its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance, this grade of aluminum alloy ensures the structural integrity of the shelters, making them resilient against various environmental challenges. The anodized finish further enhances durability, extending the lifespan to over 20 years.

Besides the frame structure, Shelter Structures’ industrial buildings use PVC fabric for roofing, with a weight of 850g per square meter, referred to as 850g/sqm. Our PVC fabrics comply with rigorous M2 standard anti-flame regulations. The M2 standard is a widely recognized European standard for fire safety, indicating that our PVC fabric has undergone thorough testing to meet specific fire resistance criteria.

Shelter Structures holds numerous test certifications for PVC fabric use, ensuring a secure environment for industrial operations. With options for blackout, translucent, and fully transparent PVC fabric roofing, our structures showcase versatility. For instance, translucent PVC fabric roofing is commonly used to allow natural light penetration during the day, promoting energy savings and a brighter environment for major industrial operations.

In addition to its high tensile strength design, extra water-resistant gap fabric covers serve as supporting facilities, maintaining roof panels in tension to withstand heavy snow, wind, and rain. This design effectively prevents leakage on rainy days.

About Shelter Structures:

Shelter Structures is a space solution provider and manufacturer of temporary and semi-permanent buildings, with early design planning and manufacturing capabilities. In addition to meeting the needs of large-scale commercial activities, we also provide different product series and solutions including warehousing, sports, emergency and military industries. For more information, please visit shelter-structures.com

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