How To Determine If The Simulated Plant Wall Is Fireproof?

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How To Determine If The Simulated Plant Wall Is Fireproof?

September 12
23:07 2023

With the increasing pursuit of green living, simulated plant walls can be seen everywhere in daily life. From home decoration, office decoration, hotel and catering decoration, to urban greening, public greening, and building exterior walls, they have played a very important decorative role. They are suitable for all places and are currently one of the most popular decorative materials in the market.


When you walk into a restaurant, you will find that the store usessimulated plant walls  as decoration. When you walk into the mall, you will find that 50% of the decoration here is made of simulated plant walls. When you walk into the company’s door, you will also find that simulated plant walls are still used as decoration. In daily life, you can see their existence everywhere you can go, and there are all kinds of them.

Nowadays, the technology of simulating plant walls is becoming increasingly mature and widely used in daily life. For example, as interior background walls, art partitions, themed museums, themed bars, restaurants, and other decorations, it greatly enriches current architectural and home design. This type of green plant wall, which can be used both indoors and outdoors, has quietly taken root in the city. This plant wall composed of vibrant green leafy plants and flowers makes the world breathe from now on.

A question that many people are concerned about is whether simulating plant walls for fire prevention? Simulated plants are fire-resistant and flame retardant. The product has passed national inspection and has achieved the characteristics of non spontaneous combustion and non combustion support. It can automatically extinguish after leaving the fire source and has relevant certification certificates.

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