Acclaimed Filmmaker Neha Lohia, Author Kelly Tallaksen, and Neurologist Specialist Dr. Candice J. Perkins Unite for ‘The Voice of Spirit’ – An Extraordinary Cinematic Voyage into Inner Dimensions

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Acclaimed Filmmaker Neha Lohia, Author Kelly Tallaksen, and Neurologist Specialist Dr. Candice J. Perkins Unite for ‘The Voice of Spirit’ – An Extraordinary Cinematic Voyage into Inner Dimensions

August 30
20:55 2023
Acclaimed Filmmaker Neha Lohia, Author Kelly Tallaksen, and Neurologist Specialist Dr. Candice J. Perkins Unite for 'The Voice of Spirit' - An Extraordinary Cinematic Voyage into Inner Dimensions
From L to R – Neurologist Dr. Candice J Perkins, Filmmaker Neha Lohia, Author Kelly Tallaksen. Photo by Michael Zinn.
In an unprecedented collaboration and an extraordinary convergence of talent, acclaimed filmmaker Neha Lohia, renowned author Kelly Tallaksen, and esteemed vascular neurology specialist Dr. Candice J. Perkins have united to create an animated film titled “The Voice of Spirit.” This visionary project is poised to revolutionize the cinematic landscape by exploring terrain within the human psyche where science is only just now beginning to venture.

New York – Aug 30, 2023 – “The Voice of Spirit” is an ambitious extension of Kelly Tallaksen’s critically acclaimed book, “The Voiceless Soul,” brought to life under the masterful direction and creative guidance of filmmaker Neha Lohia and medically informed scientific inputs by Dr. Perkins. This groundbreaking cinematic endeavor fuses spirituality, science, and personal growth, offering viewers an unparalleled journey of self-discovery and transformation. With its rich insights and the power to challenge preconceived notions, the film dares to unlock the hidden potential within each of us, seamlessly bridging the literary and cinematic worlds.

This unique execution will be a collaborative effort between American and Indian talent. Animation teams from India will be working on the film, bringing their expertise to life, while the creative teams from the USA will be responsible for designing characters and storyboards. This harmonious collaboration reflects Neha’s background, originating from India and now residing in the USA, creating a fusion of artistic perspectives that promises to elevate the cinematic experience.

Neha Lohia, an award-winning filmmaker with a remarkable track record spanning over two decades, leads this project as the director, co-producer, and project head. With her visionary approach and commitment to pushing the boundaries of storytelling, Neha ensures that “The Voice of Spirit” will transport audiences to unexplored realms and leave an indelible mark on the cinematic landscape.

Speaking about the profound collaboration, Neha Lohia expressed her unwavering passion, stating, “I am humbled and exhilarated to embark on this extraordinary journey alongside Kelly Tallaksen and Dr. Candice J. Perkins. Our collective vision is to craft a film that transcends the limits of imagination, much like mega films such as ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Avatar’ transported us into their mesmerizing depictions of fantastical worlds outside. Our aim, however, is to delve deeper within ourselves into the inner worlds, peering into the multidimensional inner realms that exist within us. ‘The Voice of Spirit’ is a humble effort towards an exploration of the boundless human potential and potent healing waiting to be discovered.”

Dr. Candice J. Perkins, a pioneering vascular neurology specialist and co-producer of the film, brings her scientific expertise and profound understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection to the project. Collaborating with Neha and Kelly, Dr. Perkins aims to bridge the gap between science and spirituality, unraveling the mysteries of consciousness and unveiling the uncharted dimensions of human existence.

Dr. Candice J. Perkins enthusiastically shares her vision, stating, “Through ‘The Voice of Spirit,’ we aim to merge the wisdom of science and spirituality, inviting audiences to embark on an extraordinary odyssey within their own consciousness. We seek to unlock the potential for healing, growth, and self-realization that lies dormant within each individual. This collaboration between three visionary artists promises to deliver a profound cinematic experience that will captivate and inspire audiences on a cosmic scale.”

Kelly Tallaksen’s professional education includes transpersonal hypnosis, holistic psychology, metaphysics, and spiritual healing. She is a guest author for several digital magazines and has been a guest speaker on several podcasts. She is also a public speaker and educator in metaphysical hypnosis and healing at a soul level. Kelly is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, one of their instructors, and the President of the Long Island Chapter. The exceptional author of “The Voiceless Soul” not only serves as a co-producer but also lends her voice talent to breathe life into one of the main characters. With her gift for poetic storytelling and unique healing perspective, Kelly’s involvement adds authenticity and depth to the film, guiding audiences on a transformative journey to reconnect with their inner voice.

Kelly Tallaksen expresses her excitement, saying, “Working on ‘The Voice of Spirit’ has been an extraordinary odyssey of creativity and exploration. This collaborative effort unites visionaries from diverse disciplines, enabling us to create something truly transformative. We are thrilled to embark on this cinematic adventure, one that will transport audiences to unimaginable depths and ignite the flames of self-discovery within their souls to bring about the healing that we all as humans deserve to experience and live with that inner knowing that we are all here by a greater design and that we are always taken care of only if we dare to listen to that voice of our spirit.”

As “The Voice of Spirit” enters the pre-production stage, it carries with it the anticipation of a profound and enlightening cinematic experience. Rooted in unity, healing, and self-discovery, this joint endeavor of talents from East and West seeks to holistically empower individuals, transcending boundaries and ushering in a new era of introspection and enlightenment.

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