A.I. Certified Agents™ from Around the World Meetup to Create a Better Home Selling Experience

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A.I. Certified Agents™ from Around the World Meetup to Create a Better Home Selling Experience

June 03
11:12 2023

Real estate agents gathered from markets across the United States and Canada to provide a more powerful and ethical home selling experience using artificial intelligence. These forward-thinking agents came together representing their markets and communities on this essential topic. Even so, only homeowners will have the final word whether or not they are benefited by the use of this rapidly evolving technology.

Real estate, traditionally a rapidly growing industry, now grapples with the accelerated pace of A.I. development. It has become increasingly difficult for the average agent and homeowners alike to keep up. This puts homeowners in a situation where they must either familiarize themselves with the impact of this new technology on the sale of their home, or they must find an agent who is doing so on their behalf.

In response, a new breed of well-versed real estate agents is emerging, the A.I. Certified Agent™. They recently came together to swap stories, strategies, and exclusive tips about improving the human touch in their markets. They are pledging to uphold excellence within their communities, and agree that artificial intelligence is here to stay. 

“A.I. is most beneficial to homeowners when real estate agents are properly trained,” says Nick Krem, co-founder of the KREM Institute of Artificial Intelligence. “A.I. Certified Agents™ are spending more time selling your home and less time sitting in front of their computer. This is the way it’s supposed to be.”

Now, homeowners across the U.S. and Canada face a choice: go with a run-of-the-mill agent yet to grasp the depth of artificial intelligence, or choose an A.I. Certified Agent™, an expert ready to travel the globe in search of the most effective, safest uses of this technology.

Here’s the reality, only at the local level can the ethical use of artificial intelligence be enforced in communities. It is a responsibility that must be willingly carried and seriously considered before buying or selling a home. This push for higher standards can only take place one person, one transaction at a time. Without homeowners regulating who they work with and the standards real estate agents must be held accountable to, this technology has the power to seep into the communities without oversight via less informed agents.

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