Brett and Ethan Launch New Documentary Film

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Brett and Ethan Launch New Documentary Film

May 26
18:39 2023
Retirement success is NOT what they’ve promised. New documentary reveals how to retire successfully.

Brett and Ethan traveling the country and the world to film real life American Success stories. This film exposes the two tiers of wealth and retirement in America. The Washington/Wallstreet system, and the private income system average americans have been using for years to protect their wealth from inflation, market losses, and taxes.

In this film you will discover how to inflation proof your income so instead of having your standard of living go down each year from fixed income streams, your income can actually go up during retirement.

They also examine how to protect yourself from the governments outrageous IRMAA law that threatens to completely destroy your social security check, and can add millions in unexpected costs in retirement.

You can see the film trailer at

By understanding there are two different systems American can chose to use when retiring, citizens can protect their wealth from being confiscated by the Governments plans to tax your income to death.

In fact, in the film they will reveal the 4 different taxes people could pay on their retirement savings, several of which people have no idea even exist until it’s too late.

In addition to the taxes, and inflation ravaging retirements, Brett and Ethan explore the solutions and interview real Americans who have retired successfully with guaranteed cash flow for the rest of their lives. This gives them incredible peace of mind and happiness in retirement.

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