How a Chronic Dieter Swapped Detox Teas For The 80-20 Rule… And Lost 50 Pounds

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How a Chronic Dieter Swapped Detox Teas For The 80-20 Rule… And Lost 50 Pounds

May 24
06:06 2023
You have to see how this 20 something lost 50lbs without giving up her favorite foods.

Here’s how instagrammer Gen Coco (@gensgym) lost 50lbs and became a women’s weight loss expert, CNC. Gen is the founder of Gen’s Gym, an online health and fitness coaching company that helps women ditch the diet mentality and overcome their negative relationship with food so they can love their bodies and lives—just like her.

Gen struggled with weight her entire life. Trying a new diet every month. She tried Keto, Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers and more! But she could never stick to them.

Gen’s turning point came on her birthday, when she stepped on the scale and saw the number 200 staring back at her.

Gen sat on her bathroom floor that night and cried for hours as she looked in the mirror confused and angry. She realized that she needed to make serious changes.

So, Gen signed up for a gym and removed the junk food from her house. But she still didn’t know anything about weight loss. She had tried to lose weight *so* many times before, using every method. She bought gym memberships and never went. She counted calories. She did seven-day cleanses to try to lose 10 pounds in a week, and then binged so hard afterward that she gained 12 pounds back. She even tried skinny detox teas and “metabolism-boosting” pills. Nothing worked.

Eventually, Gen realized that crash diets were not going to give her the results that she wanted. She realized she needed to find something realistic and sustainable if she was going to lose this weight and keep it off permanently.

Enter: the 80/20 rule, when 80 percent of your calories come from whole, healthy foods, and the other 20 percent from your favorite treats.

Before, Gen would commit to a diet and tell herself she needed to be 100% perfect. No sugar. No carbs. No alcohol. No life. She knew that to make things work she needed to have flexibility and balance for my diet to succeed—and that’s what adopting an 80/20 rule mindset allows.

Gen lost 50 pounds in nine months—but gained so much more in love, respect, and confidence.

Gen can finally look in the mirror and say that she truly loves herself. She can go shopping and love the way my clothes fit. She can walk into a room and feel confident when she sees people look at her.

Gen’s advice? Be patient and keep things simple. Stop buying weight loss products that promise quick results and effortless short cuts. Losing weight and being healthy is about so much more than just “being skinny.” It’s about loving yourself from the inside out. It wasn’t until she really focused on the type of person she wanted to be, instead of just the type of person she wanted to look like, that shewas able to succeed in my weight-loss journey.

And now, she teaches women how to do the same. You can learn more about working with Gen by visiting

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