Is it possible to earn tens of millions of dollars annually by opening an online store

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Is it possible to earn tens of millions of dollars annually by opening an online store

May 24
04:30 2023

If we were to categorize people’s worries, the biggest concern for most individuals would likely be: lack of money.

Anaar, originally from Kazakhstan, has now immigrated to the United States. However, before that, she experienced unemployment. Being unemployed meant facing a difficult life, as her entire family relied on her income.

However, guided by a friend, Anaar joined the cross-border e-commerce industry through the inventory-less sales model. It was through the establishment of her own online store that Anaar’s life underwent a tremendous transformation.

The inventory-less sales model is a retail business that allows sellers to open stores and sell products without the need for personal investment. Sellers can accept orders without having any inventory on hand

The image above shows Anaar’s first luxury car, which she purchased after achieving success through the inventory-less sales model. She also hired her mother as an employee.

“When I first encountered cross-border e-commerce, I didn’t believe it would bring significant changes to my life. Initially, I just wanted to give it a try, but to my surprise, it brought me delightful results.”

“I realized that it was different from opening a store on platforms like Amazon or Shopee. This marketplace platform had abundant inventory, allowing me to directly sell their products and earn profits. It was a great platform for someone like me who doesn’t prefer risky investments or stockpiling. Once someone purchases my products, all I need to do is have the suppliers ship them.”

“All I need is a smartphone or computer, and I can work from anywhere in the world. I started to enjoy a lifestyle of travel. Whether I’m in Bali or the Maldives, I can work. I have fallen in love with this way of life.”

Currently, Anaar is traveling around the world with her family, determined to visit every country and capture photographs in each one.

“I don’t carry any inventory; I simply act as the intermediary between the customers who make purchases and the suppliers. I pay the cost price to the suppliers, who then ship the products to the buyers. My role primarily focuses on customer service.”

“I would say I’m addicted to making money. When you work for others, you always receive a fixed salary, but as a sole proprietor, everything becomes profit, and that’s why you become addicted to earning more money, which leads you to work more.”

Is it easy to make money through the inventory-less marketplace model?

As long as there are buyers making purchases, sellers can pay the order amount to the suppliers, who will then ship the products to the buyers. Once the buyers receive the goods, the sellers can earn a fixed profit provided by the suppliers.

The absence of startup costs means that theoretically, anyone can become a profitable intermediary. If you know an experienced seller on the marketplace platform, you may not even need to pay any fees to open your store through their invitation. Additionally, the platform may even provide you with free traffic to help your store attract more customers.

According to insiders, the monthly growth rate of users and sellers on the inventory-less model platform is 35% higher than the peak period of Amazon, which is astonishing.

Due to the inventory-less model platform targeting the global market, it attracts buyers and sellers from all corners of the world. The suppliers on the platform come from as many as 67 countries worldwide.

Because of the free store opening model through guarantees, many merchants exploit this rule to open stores for free. Numerous experienced sellers in e-commerce have migrated from other platforms to the inventory-less e-commerce platform.

The reseller business can also be operated using smartphones and laptops with internet connectivity, attracting “digital nomads” who hope to travel and earn money simultaneously

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