DigiSeats Rakes in Reviews for its Groundbreaking Digital Seating Arrangement Tool

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DigiSeats Rakes in Reviews for its Groundbreaking Digital Seating Arrangement Tool

November 08
19:20 2022
Provider of innovative event management solutions, DigiSeats, continues to receive accolades for its revolutionary QR code Wedding Seating chart designed to ease creating seating plans

The team at DigiSeats is pushing boundaries in the event planning and management industry, as its innovative digital seating arrangement tool continues to increase in popularity and acceptance. In a related development, the Canada-based company has been enjoying loads of reviews from different categories of users, including event planners, hosts, and even guests, with its seating chart helping to create fun and memorable events for everyone.

I can think of more than a few occasions where the hosts’ lack of a well-thought-out seating plan resulted in a less-than-stellar event for their invited guests. DigiSeats, a concept of mine, makes it easy for visitors to find their seats and for hosts to give them a memorable one.” – Founder of DigiSeats.

The global event planning industry has evolved and grown tremendously over the past decades to become a multi-billion-dollar market featuring different categories of stakeholders working together to create memorable moments. Technological advancements have undoubtedly contributed to the growth of the market, resulting in solutions that make the entire process seamless. However, seemingly little aspects of event planning such as seating arrangements sometimes make the difference between a fun event and one that guests and hosts will love to forget. Consequently, the team at DigiSeats has combined technology with industry experience to create a QR code Seating chart.

The digital seating chart is ideal for weddings and other types of events and can be used for large signage, small frames on tables, or programs, making it relatively easy to host a party where everyone seats comfortably using an “Access Link” sent to all guests. The seating plan tool is user-friendly and offers a variety of different seating arrangements to meet the specific needs of each event, with customization for relatively large gatherings.

Features of DigiSeats include easy QR Code based implementation, Seamless Seating Arrangement, several pre-made templates, and search and filtering to find assigned tables. The tool is available in different pricing packages to suit the budget and arrangement needs of users.

For further information about DigiSeats and the revolutionary seating plan tool, visit – https://digiseats.com/.

About DigiSeats

DigiSeats was created to deliver a seating arrangement solution that ensures guests at events are seated comfortably, regardless of the size of the gathering. The Ontario-based company leverages technology to create a QR code Wedding Seating chart perfect large signage, small frames on tables, or programs.

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