Sarkar Tactical Now Offers Tactical Plate Carriers and Ballistic Blankets

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Sarkar Tactical Now Offers Tactical Plate Carriers and Ballistic Blankets

November 03
23:39 2022
Sarkar Tactical is a dependable company that designs, manufactures, and supplies protective gear and tactical equipment to law enforcement officials and military personnel around the world.

Sarkar Tactical was founded by former Navy Officer Sam Sarkar after he realized that it was increasingly impractical to wear body armor in traditionally “soft” environments, such as lobbies or cafes. As a result, Sarkar created the world’s first full-body modular soft ballistic protection system. By combining a soft vest and hard-shell plates to create a hybrid system, Sarkar was able to create a solution that offers better protection and mobility than traditional body armor.

In response to a query regarding their ballistic plate carrier, Sarkar Tactical’s spokesperson said. “The Bellator is Sarkar’s most recent tactical plate carrier. Two torso plates and two side plates can be carried on this MOLLE-compatible plate carrier. With a fully task adjustable armor system and load pack, it fits the demands of tactical teams within law enforcement, government, and special military operations units.”

Sarkar Tactical’s ballistic helmets have earned certification to European Standard EN397. The helmets have demonstrated through this certification that they uphold rigid standards for impact and shock absorption. The helmets can be used for both military and civilian purposes and are made of high-quality materials. They provide excellent protection from collisions and ballistic hazards. Sarkar Tactical is committed to offering the greatest security options to its clients. If you are looking to buy ballistic plate carriers you should consider Sarkar Tactical as your top choice.

The spokesperson further added. “This carrier, built to be as functional and maneuverable as possible, provides the ideal balance of performance and protection. This type is the top-of-the-line Active Shooter Response Carrier that we have created.”

Sarkar Ballistic Blankets are manufactured from high-strength Aramid Fabric to provide a wide range of applications where personal or property protection is required. These blankets are designed to be lightweight yet very strong and durable. Outer fabrics are woven using Kevlar fiber weave, which provides a superior strength-to-weight ratio.

About Sakar Tactical

Sarkar Tactical began as a modest business that offered alternatives for body armour to the general public and law enforcement, but it has now expanded into a group of hardworking individuals that designs and manufactures ballistic helmets for troops throughout the world. Due to the increased demand for their products, Sarkar has expanded their line of protective gear to include ballistic helmets, eye protection, and other items. You should check out Sarkar Tactical’s official website for more information if you’re looking to purchase ballistic blankets in the US or the UK.

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Sarkar Tactical

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Glasgow, UK

Phone- +44 (0)141 445 4637

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