Love Smiles Making dreams come true, Building smiles.

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Love Smiles Making dreams come true, Building smiles.

October 26
18:23 2022

Ame to me, is today a unique project in Brazil, which is protected by itself, by the 3 pillars of the modern world, which are; technological innovation, being the first (matter of time and logic), and the main of the 3, which is the realization of our dreams. For a long time we have been thinking and developing about our dreams in today’s modern world, but we have never been able to hold onto them, flying cars, teleportation, intergalactic travel, all of this seems super far away, and at the same time, super real and physical, this feeling of the third pillar of the modern world, we need to supply it with technological advances, and my friends, I can assure you, the future is blockchain, the future is decentralized.

Ame is at the forefront of this today, pursuing technological innovation, and realizing dreams, entering the decentralized market, and ensuring a seat at the forefront of the technological future within Web 3.0, but all of this is just a small slice of what’s to come.

Ame has a project today that revolutionizes the way it is done, the way it is thought of, within the investment market in publicly traded companies, using what we call today a passive income system, but going against the tide of stock exchanges, that common and old modus operandi, and by the way, an outdated way and that goes back to times we don’t even live anymore, the market can’t, and won’t stay in the current mode of the stock exchange, being centralized.

A matter of time, let’s say that the world as we know it today in the business world is with the days of contacts, and this old-fashioned time clock is ticking short and fast, at each new signal, technology advances at an absurd speed, if you stay out, do not update and do not follow the digital rhythm, you will be forgotten, and your way of investing will drain like sand between your fingers, you will not be able to stay in the business and investment world.

But with Ame, you’ll be part of an ecosystem of passive income, and this time, decentralized, where you’ll have the security of the blockchain, coupled with the direct equity of participating in the division of monthly, and quarterly profits of all clinics of the franchise network within the Ame project.

Ame goes beyond making you fully aware of the technological advances in dentistry and how decentralized technology works, it puts you ahead of the advances in our society by providing you with NFTs.

Besides participating in the division of profits, you will have access, if you participate in the pre-sale, to NFTs, making it possible to have NFTs that leverage you with their gains and percentages, according to their rarity, and can put you inside the project with even more strength, both in participation and in divisions, so beyond everything, the pre-sale makes all the difference if you participate.

Knowing all this, you can follow the franchises with their lucrative and exponential growth, connecting people looking for dental treatment, and cryptocurrency investors, making connection to Web 3.0, the new and biggest wave of the Internet to date, AmeSorrisos, is making dreams come true, let’s build smiles together.

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