2022 China Xiamen International Padel Tennis Tournament Champion is born.

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2022 China Xiamen International Padel Tennis Tournament Champion is born.

October 12
20:59 2022

2022 Xiamen International Fashion Week “WEPADEL TOUR” was restarted in Xiamen Jianfa Bay Yuecheng from August 6th to 7th.

After two days of fierce competition, the champions of each participating category came out one after another. Professional tennis players, Zhang Bohou and Xie Zongnan, with excellent skills and physical fitness, defeated athletes Chen Anlin and Guo Jiabao in the Men’s Doubles Final of the Magnolia Group, winning the Men’s Doubles Championship and the Grand Prize. In the Magnolia mixed doubles final, athletes Zhou Yanhao and Chen Hai also defeated athletes Zhang Mingxun and Xu Yanting with their strong strength to won the mixed doubles championship. In addition, this year, the violet group with the combined age of the two players over 100 and the phalaenopsis group with parent-child fun were added, which enriched the age group of the contestants and injected more vitality into the event.

The term “padel tennis” is derived from the Spanish word “Padel” and was initially translated as “paddle tennis” and “paddle”, but also as “paddle ball”, and finally officially recognized as “padel tennis” by the National Sports Administration.

As a derivative of traditional tennis, the padel tennis racket is similar to an enlarged version of a table tennis racket; The sports experience combines the characteristics of tennis, squash and badminton; the court is similar to a fully enclosed version of a badminton court; the scoring rules are identical to those of tennis.

With its superb social and trendy attributes, padel tennis has rapidly become popular in various high-end circles in Europe and the United States. For example, the retired players from AC Milan holding padel tennis matches to compete on the same stage, as is the party of Barcelona stars.

As a popular sport in Europe in recent years, padel tennis has become the second largest national-level sport in the part of countries in Europe, America and South America, surpassing tennis and second only to football.


In 2018, China Tennis Association officially promoted the sport of padel tennis across the country. The organizing committee of Xiamen International Fashion Week not only attracts more and more young fashionable people to participate in this padel tennis tournament, but also promotes the development of board tennis in China. At the same time, it also enriches the sports and leisure culture of Xiamen city to a certain extent, and presents a rich and diversified life pattern for the general public.

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