OdinLake – A Top-tier Company Committed to Selling High-End Ergonomic Office Furniture Across the USA

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OdinLake – A Top-tier Company Committed to Selling High-End Ergonomic Office Furniture Across the USA

September 23
17:45 2022

The company specializes in selling top-notch ergonomic office furniture with innovative and unique designs.

By encouraging healthy postures and providing comfort and innovative design, ergonomic office furniture contributes to employee well-being. It reduces stress, which makes it easier for people to work in a comfortable environment. Since it has been in business for several years, OdinLake is one of the leading companies that sell top-notch ergonomic office furniture for its employees to ensure their wellbeing. With extensive experience in design, research, development, manufacturing, and sales, OdinLake is recognized as an emerging company in the United States selling ergonomic office furnishings. The company has gained solid credibility and reputation for being one of the leading and most trusted companies, selling innovative and highly designed office furniture. The company runs an online store selling ergonomic office products, including ergonomic chairs, standing desks, and office accessories.

The company strives to explore the artistic office by providing ergonomic office furniture that combines stylish design with practicality. The company’s foundation is built on providing high-quality customer service to gain a solid customer base. To meet user demands, the company selects the most popular designs, basic needs, and affordable ergonomic furniture by using a concept of innovation. Following strict Global ISO9000 quality manufacturing standards, OdinLake has recently launched a unique and innovative ergonomic chair named OdinLake Ergo PLUS 743, with numerous employee benefits.

“We place a high value on quality, following strict Global ISO9000 quality manufacturing standards. Meet the highest office chair production requirements. We promise the comfort and ergonomics of OdinLake products, embrace the ideals of designers and make it practical and possible. We welcome all feedback on products, services, design, categories, and function innovation from users. Contact us by [email protected],” says the owner.

As a result of the chair’s unique wire control mechanism, it has a remarkable amount of endurance. It is free from bending over, making it one of the market’s most convenient and user-friendly chairs today. This chair provides full support and appropriate adjustments, including a large 2D adjustable headrest, a five-level adjustable backrest, a height- and depth-adjustable seat, and a 4D soft and adjustable armrest. The angle and size of the headrest can be adjusted to fit the neck and relieve neck stress. Since the newly launched Ergo PLUS 743 ergonomic chair is designed artistically, it has four reclining positions, keeping the armrests and seat synchronized to the backrest in the recline movement to keep an individual fully supported, particularly when they are leaning back for a short break.

Moreover, the ergonomic chair has a full aluminum alloy frame, ensuring long-time endurance, elegance, and bright design. The elastic and breathable premium mesh provides a chair with solid stability, good elasticity, and heat dissipation which, as a result, helps to prevent the chair from bacterial growth during usage. This chair provides outstanding comfort and functionality with its high-quality gas lift and seat control system, making it safe and reliable. 

Moreover, the new OdinLake Ergo PLUS 743 ergonomic chairs have 2.5-inch wheels with mute covers inside the base, which helps reduce noise during chair movement. In addition, the chair has C-shape lumbar support that fits the spine’s natural curve, providing comfortable support in all positions to keep the employee from experiencing back pain after prolonged sitting. Although many offices use class 2/3 gas lift chairs, OdinLake, as a BIFMA-certified and safe-guaranteed company, places a high value on its customers’ comfort and recommends offices purchase Ergo PLUS 743 chairs to provide employees with a superior experience.

Along with providing dynamic lumbar support, the company has launched Ergo PLUS 743 with a unique and innovative design to provide comfort to employees, with a total of 5 height adjustments based on their height for a better-customized fit, ensuring a precise lumbar support point. OdinLake offers a product line that promises comfort and ergonomics to improve employee wellness by fixing posture, realigning the spine, preventing arthritis, and reducing the number of work-related injuries. As a result, when employees are less in pain and are in good health, they are more likely to experience a boost in productivity. It will be easier for them to perform at their best and produce high-quality work because they will have fewer distractions. Additionally, ergonomic office furniture reduces work-related injuries, which means employees are less likely to miss work due to illness and injury and more likely to stay at work.

Furthermore, the company also stands behind the quality of its products, offering a 5 Year warranty on each OdinLake Ergo PLUS 743 chair, in addition to meeting the highest production requirements. Additionally, OdinLake provides a return and refund policy to its customers within 30 days after the delivery in case the product is not up to the mark. Even though the product is made using high-end materials, the company sells it at affordable rates. More offices and companies can approach them and invest in chairs to provide convenience and comfort to their employees.

Over the years, OdinLake has received innumerable positive reviews from people around the USA and has become one of the leading companies offering bulk orders. The company has been focusing on the office furniture industry for decades. OdinLake provides global users with excellent service and design from the angle of ergonomics.

For more information, click on the website odinlake.com

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