What Custom Membrane Keypads Can Any One Find in NICEONE-KEYPAD store?

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What Custom Membrane Keypads Can Any One Find in NICEONE-KEYPAD store?

May 05
22:32 2022

The custom membrane keypad is one of the most popular types of numeric keyboards. It contains sixteen buttons that can be used to enter many kinds of data – including numerical ones, but also other information (for example, determining the direction of movement).

Thanks to this, custom membrane keypads will prove themselves in many electronic projects, from security systems to entertainment devices. This category also includes standalone modules with tact switch buttons and accessories, including overlay panels.

Custom membrane keypad – operation and applications

The 32 key membrane keypad is one of the most popular variations of the numeric keypad. It is equipped with sixteen buttons – numbers from 0 to 9, letters A, B, C and D, and special characters * and #. Each key is assigned an action, and you can program the device to react not only to single button presses, but also to their various combinations.

This gives enormous possibilities, which is why the custom membrane keypad is widely used in many projects and electronic devices. It can be found, among others, in security systems (intercoms, code locks, alarms deactivated with a PIN), cash registers, payment terminals, microwaves, telephones, calculators and many other places.

Selection of the custom membrane keypad for the project

How build membrane switch keypad? When choosing a model for a specific project, you should pay attention to several factors. If you intend to connect the keyboard with a microcontroller, single board computer or other central system, you need to check if they are compatible – including the number of pins needed to connect voltage and current, power supply or the interface through which you will program.

For example, when looking for a custom membrane keypad for an Arduino, it is best to choose a model that communicates via the analog output, because the board will work well with it. However, in projects using Raspberry Pi, you should rather reach for a digital keyboard.

If you plan to mark the keys or highlight them in a non-standard way, a convenient solution will be to buy a module with sixteen tact switch buttons, on which you will then put an overlay with the appropriate symbols.

You should not forget to choose the membrane switch panel led display model to the conditions in which the device will be used – if the equipment may be exposed to the presence of moisture, dust or sudden temperature changes, it is better to choose a model equipped with appropriate protection that will protect it from damage.

What custom membrane keypads can you find in our store?

In our assortment you will find, among others, classic custom membrane keypads made in membrane technology. They are convenient to use, take up little space and can be easily mounted in the desired position using the adhesive tape on the back.

They can be connected to the board using the goldpin strip or appropriate connection cables. We also offer touch keyboards, for example the model equipped with the TTP229 chip and communicating via a digital interface. Our store also offers matrices with tact switch buttons, which are designed for self-enclosing, marking and programming of individual functions.

Useful accessories for this type of products are rubber overlays, which can be easily highlighted or labeled as you wish. Another proposal is printed circuit boards, on which you can mount the buttons yourself.

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