Caviar by Anet, a newly established sustainable caviar brand everybody in the USA is in love with.

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Caviar by Anet, a newly established sustainable caviar brand everybody in the USA is in love with.

May 03
23:55 2022
The most desired caviar in the world is now available all over the USA and Caribbean.

Exceptional in its authenticity and delicately presented in soft pastel shades, Caviar by Anet is an unmatched gift for the unacquainted and connoisseurs alike, now available in the USA and the Caribbean. This ethically sourced delicacy was the inspiration of Anet Alexandra, whose formative years near the Caspian sea have left a lasting impression, while equally fine-tuning her palate and developing her knowledge of the realm of caviar.

“Caviar by Anet is an immersive experience, taking aesthetes on a journey where an orchestra of seductive notes emerges from each individual pearl: the freshness of sea spray transports them to the ocean shore, while its smooth buttery notes are reminiscent of fine French pastries lightly dusted with roasted almonds,” highlights Anet, welcoming everyone to discover all three types of Milked Caviar at

Having grown up with caviar as a significant part of her environment, Anet is naturally concerned about the overexploitation of sturgeon as a result of the caviar industry. Existing since the Mesozoic era, the sturgeon is now in danger of extinction. She was keen to find a way to protect this species and yet preserve this delectable tradition. After much research, she discovered ‘Milked Caviar’ whose superior qualities reflect its ethically responsible source. Caviar by Anet was subsequently established with a mission to share this extraordinary Milked Caviar with others, while enlightening them on the virtues of its integrity. Get to know Anet and her incredible life story at

Milked caviar is produced without causing any harm to the female sturgeon. Thanks to a natural harvesting process, whereby the fish is “milked” (massaged) to release its eggs, it is most encouraging to see these sturgeon happily swimming away afterwards. Want to know more about the farm and the harvesting process? Just visit our website!

In addition to its sustainability, Caviar by Anet production method is totally transparent with full traceability from farm to consumer. Moreover, Milked Caviar is free from artificial additives and preservatives; and its subtle flavors appeal to a wide audience regardless of background or culture.

Caviar by Anet is currently available online in the United States and the Caribbean; and it will soon be possible to purchase it directly from select boutiques and restaurants. Placing an order is simple via the official website Also, Caviar by Anet team is actively publishing new content on social media – on Instagram at and on Facebook at Whether the caviar needs to be delivered in Los Angeles, Miami, New York, St Barth, St Martin, Puerto Rico or anywhere else in the United States and Caribbean, it’ll certainly get there on time, secure and fresh via priority mail.

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