The Beauty Industry Sees Sales Revenues Start to Rebound

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The Beauty Industry Sees Sales Revenues Start to Rebound

November 10
21:42 2021
The Beauty Industry Sees Sales Revenues Start to Rebound
While Lockdown Caused a Rapid Decline in the Sales of Cosmetics, in Recent Months the Figures Have Started to See an Increase.

Madrid, Spain – 10th November, 2021 – The Covid 19 pandemic adversely affected the sales in many sectors, including the cosmetic industry. With so many consumers staying at home, the desire to use make-up dropped. Using Spain as an example, figures collected by Kantar show that beauty sales dropped by nearly 17% since the pandemic started. However, in the latter half of 2021 sales figures are starting to climb again.

The area showing the greatest increase in sales is online. A combination of a reluctance to enter crowded stores and many shops closing down has driven many to look to the Internet when buying their make-up. Data from Spain shows that 50% more consumers are shopping online and over 6 million people in Spain brought one or more personal care items online during 2021. However, online shopping for cosmetics can have its pitfalls.

The trickiest cosmetic item to acquire online is foundation. The majority of shoppers depend on the advice of shop assistants to help them choose the best foundation base for their skin type. Ángel Valero, of Spanish beauty site Maquillaliux, advises taking the time to do some research. “There are a number of different factors you have to get right to ensure you get the correct foundation for your skin,” Ángel tells us. “Identifying your undertone and choosing the right kind of finish for your skin are just as essential as picking the right shade and colour.”

A number of websites have sprung up trying to help with this dilemma. They ask you to fill in information about your current foundation and then give you suggestions of other products that are very similar. While this is helpful, you are dependent on other people’s suggestions being accurate and the results can be limited to companies the website has partnerships with.

There are other hazards to be aware of if you are planning on buying foundation online. Angle warns that “some foundations, especially cheaper products, can oxidise or change colour on your skin once they have sunk in. Your skin type, for instance whether it is dry or oily, can also affect the performance of your foundation. In addition, your skin colour will change throughout the year so you will need to adjust the shade according to whether it is winter or summer”.

Choosing foundation makeup to match your skin colourThere are advantages to buying makeup online. The most obvious one is that it tends to work out cheaper, even with delivery costs. You will also find a much greater range to choose from online. If you are looking for something a little more niche then online is going to be the easiest place to find it. Online shops give much more detailed information about their items, including listing the ingredients, so you can be better informed about exactly you are using. Products online also tend to have reviews from users that give you an idea how the makeup will perform in real life situations. The ratings given by shoppers are also genuine, not influenced by sales targets or limited by the stock of the shop you are in, so you will get a true idea of whether it is worth spending your money. Ecommerce sites also understand the difficulties of choosing makeup from a computer screen so they have reasonable return and exchange policies.

Ideally you need an expert to advise you when choosing a foundation online to give you more information than just the colour. This is one of the reasons Maquillaliux has recently launched a beauty blog on their website. The free blog is written by professional makeup artists who share their expertise on all areas of beauty. Topics covered range from tips on eye contouring and the best natural makeup products to the best serums and tips for party makeup.

As the restrictions imposed to cope with the pandemic lift and people begin to leave their house homes more, the demand for makeup will continue to rise. However some of the habits we have acquired during lockdown seem to be continuing and one of these is buying beauty products. While it may involve doing some research and exercising some caution, going online to buy cosmetics is definitely an option to consider.

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