Cliquefluence Shaking up the Influencer Marketing Industry

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Cliquefluence Shaking up the Influencer Marketing Industry

October 26
13:25 2021

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – Sydney-based start-up company, Cliquefluence, is set to be a pioneer of the marketing industry with its first-class software platform and hybrid model approach to influencer marketing.

Cliquefluence makes it easier for brands and agencies to collaborate with creators through providing a scalable campaign management platform and cross-channel ad placement solution for maximum ROAS (Return On Ad Spend). Additionally, Cliquefluence’s Creator Hub will support creators by boosting their personal brand and marketing abilities.

Sydney entrepreneurs Jayden McConnell and Cole Rudlin were barely starting out in their professional careers when they started watching what the world’s leading brands were doing to dominate their markets.

With ambitions to create a globally recognised agency that helped brands dominate their own markets, the duo launched Clique Group, an Influencer Marketing Agency that took care of the entire influencer marketing campaign on behalf of brands and agencies alike.

“Having worked from a brand perspective, influencer marketing was the main channel to successfully take us into the market and I wanted to be confident that the influencers representing our brand were the right fit,” said Cole.

Cole and Jayden decided to switch gears with Cole focusing on the influencer marketing component, while Jayden focused on recruiting brands, agencies and influencers with an integrated service. From manually sourcing influencers, to shipping products straight out of their living room and managing the full influencer campaign, Cole and Jayden wanted to expand their offering at scale.

“It wasn’t until we worked in the space that we realised there wasn’t a tool that would not only help connect the brand and agency to the creator, but provide them with true ROAS through supporting the creator to help them enhance their influence”, said Jayden.

With a shared vision of creating real change through leveraging emerging technologies, Cliquefluence appointed Prakhar Rawat, now co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Cliquefluence, in July 2021. Through Prakhar’s background in SAAS development and business consulting, Cliquefluence was able to pivot into a SAAS-based vendor.

Cliquefluence enables anyone from the local florist to an enterprise fashion brand to connect with quality creators and launch influencer marketing campaigns at scale while providing real-time tracking results of each campaign through its three prong approach.

“We’re hoping to replace the standard structure of influencer marketing that 98% of platforms promote,” said Cole. ”Rather than have the brand simply connect with the creator, we’re ensuring that clients gain true ROAS and ROI (Return on Investment) through offering a solution that allows for an Influencer marketing campaign, paid facebook and Instagram ad and creator whitelisting, all running in tandem.”

Simultaneously, brands and agencies can leverage various data points such as audience profiles derived from the creators following to launch Facebook and Instagram ads to compliment the influencer marketing campaign.

Additionally, Cliquefluence clients can utilise creator whitelisting by turning creator posts into Instagram ads. This can help create a more authentic presence to the respective audience as the ad does not come across as a traditional brand ad placement.

To help creators build their brand and ensure they can match accordingly to the company they collaborate with, Cliquefluence will be launching its Creator Hub in November. The Creator Hub will offer influencer tools to plan, schedule and post content across their respective social channels. Additionally, the influencers will have access to Creator Academy where they can learn best practices as a creator.

“Rather than simply linking the two parties, we want to ensure that we focus on the growth of the creator as much as the brands we connect them with to ensure confidence in the alignment,” said Jayden.

A testament to its value proposition, Cliquefluence has grown to a team of 12, including Chief Financial Officer Matt Ross-Smith, and Chief Product Officer Sue Lewry. Cliquefluence is now well positioned to achieve the growth and scalability to aggressively focus on closing its $450,000 seed round.

“Starting with the launch of our Creator Hub, we want to provide the creators and influencers with everything they require, including addressing their struggles and frustrations. For me, it’s essential to place the customer at the centre of all design. This approach will continue for the build of the full Cliquefluence platform,” said Sue.

With a bottoms-up enterprise strategy and symbiotic approach between the creators and brands, it makes Cliquefluence a market-leading solution. Through its unified and streamlined platform, Cliquefluence is a fully optimised tool for anyone looking to build meaningful relationships with creators, grow their brand and increase sales.

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