LA interior designer and painter Jiawei Fu to launch new painting series themed on life during COVID-19 and the aftermath

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LA interior designer and painter Jiawei Fu to launch new painting series themed on life during COVID-19 and the aftermath

October 26
17:17 2021
Rising contemporary artist and interior designer Jiawei Fu aims to encourage a new thought process on the aftermath of the pandemic through her upcoming painting series Aftermath 2021.

Los Angeles, CA – October 25, 2021 – The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a paradigm shift to our outlook towards life, thought process, and overall lifestyle. The shift has especially created a deeper impact on those engaged in creative pursuits, leading to a line of thought-provoking artworks and other artsy manifestations. In that light, LA-based rising interior designer and painter Jiawei Fu has come up with a new painting series which will be published shortly on her Instagram page (jiawei.fu.thingy) the coming month.

Titled “Aftermath 2021”, the painting series is about people’s life during the pandemic, and how certain things around people become more significant to their life following such dire times. The series will be published from November 1, 2021. 

In an exclusive interview, the contemporary artist shared that the title of her newest series, “Aftermath 2021”, does not follow the colloquial use of the term but rather depicts a stage of consciousness or awakening after an impactful incident. 

“The word ‘Aftermath’ doesn’t always mean trauma or the worst end- but rather, it can also refer to a state of awakening of oneself. To me, the stage of  ‘aftermath’ is a state when people start returning to their “default” life, start paying more attention to things that are happening around them, and start appreciating, protecting what they have. It’s such ethos that influenced the theme and background of my new painting series ‘Aftermath 2021’. I hope my upcoming painting series will be able to offer you all a new positive perspective on life in the aftermath of the pandemic that you would love to share with your family and friends”, stated Jiawei Fu.

(In frame : Jiawei Fu)

Born in Guangzhou, China, Jiawei Fu came to the USA at the age 16. Currently settled in the US, she initially opted for a degree in interior designing from the Pratt Institute in New York. As a designer, Jiawei has worked on several projects, ranging from small restaurant renovations to designing multi-floor office spaces. However, despite her understanding of different spatial quality, the acumen to design both conceptually and realistically, and the experiences with multiple options could not help to answer that one question that had always intrigued her- “what is the trigger point which reveals human emotion and sensation in a space?” 

It’s the very question that inspired her to apply the concept of interior design into the world of painting. She had a soft corner for painting from a very early age and the love for the art form of painting has always stayed with her. And along with “painting”, the word “communication” has never left her life. 

“Community cannot be formed without communication, and usually the mutual language that is shared by different people is the “neglecting” in our life. We, as humans, always produce similar feelings toward simple things, yet, we tend to forget it because our nature is trying to be special. And yet, we forget that the innocent second is what makes us alive and unreplaceable.”

Interestingly, Jiawei learnt it from her family very early on that communication is not restricted to “speaking” only. It can be conveyed through gestures, expressions, or even a long laugh, and also art forms like paintings. Jiawei believes painting can be a very strong medium of communication and she aspires to communicate and connect with the  larger community out there through her artworks.

On her journey to find the answer for her life-long question, the visionary artist explored and experimented with different properties of acrylic, their influence on human emotion, and their ability to convey a feeling towards human beings. After months of research and interviews from several projects, Jiawei finally found her direction to the answer right before the beginning of Covid-19. 

During the quarantine period, Jiawei came up with her “Quarantine Series”. As the name says, the painting series was deeply inspired by the artist’s daily life and observations during the COVD-19 era. 

“It was like living the same life in a loop”, shared the artist while talking about life during the quarantine period.  

There was barely any form of joy and mostly we were thrown into a state of despair and losing control.” 

Jiawei dedicated the Quarantine Series to search for new languages that can raise people’s resonance. 

Over time, the artist has come up with this realization that the emotion of a space is determined by the objects within it and the emotion of an object is echoed by the viewer viewing. So, in that light, little details like  angle of seating or thickness of a paint layer is extremely crucial. 

“To me, God is in the details. Every single emotion or thought that you put on a painting or wish to manifest through it, starts from the details.” 

Jiawei’s exploration of relationship between human and non-human has been widely recognized by various medias and galleries including the likes of Archleague NY, Rockport Art & Associate Museum, Prince Street Gallery, Las Laguna Gallery, Benicia Art Gallery, Observica Magazine, Center of Contemporary Art etc.  Currently, her artwork is on display by ArtshowInternational. 

Speaking on her upcoming series, “Aftermath 2021”, Jiawei mentioned that the series depicts the most casual and innocent moment in everyone’s life. 

In her own words –

“There are 24 hours in a day, and there are 24 unforgettable moments in our life. Every one of us will have at least 4 heartbeat moments, they might all happen in a day, or in different stages of our life. Each scene represents one moment with a short story. Each moment is a better understanding of the past, and a stronger motivation to the future. I am positive, the series will inspire the viewers to start introspecting and collecting their own 24 moments after the show.”

For the upcoming series, Jiawei has continued her experiments with egg yolk and acrylic which has rendered unique colors and textures to each of the paintings in series. On a closer look, she has also used a limited color palette to promote the absence of PURE BLACK since she wants to portray “Aftermath” as not a state of trauma but a state of awakening- a state of positive consciousness. 

The Aftermath 2021 series was completed in Los Angeles. The whole series comprises 24 paintings. Starting November 1, 2021, the artist will share one image a week on her Instagram page.  

As of now, the whole series will be published virtually but Jiawei also has plans for a physical exhibition once the pandemic wave settles down a bit.  

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