ClickStream Corp’s WinQuik™ And HeyPal™ User Base Surge, Reports Highest Growth And Engagement In History (OTC Other: CLIS)

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ClickStream Corp’s WinQuik™ And HeyPal™ User Base Surge, Reports Highest Growth And Engagement In History (OTC Other: CLIS)

October 26
13:01 2021

ClickStream Corps. (OTC Other: CLIS) winning streak continues. And now it’s getting more help. Last week, CLIS announced that in addition to its HeyPal™ app seeing substantial growth, its user base and engagement for its WinQuik™ app are also earning record-setting attention. In fact, CLIS reported that WinQuik™ is getting over 3,200 daily active users who spend nearly ten minutes per visit. In industry language, that’s excellent news. Better still, its retention rate over seven days is 29%. That’s also a valuable metric. 

The news comes as no surprise. CLIS has been on an app-developing roll, creating titles and platforms that are informative, engaging, and fun to use. The better news is that they aren’t only developing assets for its users. CLIS intends to cash in on their value as well, which could take this roughly $0.06 stock to an appreciably higher level. 

More excellent is that its revenue-generating mission is well underway, supported by ClickStream announcing that its HeyPal™ app is also experiencing record growth. That app, a language learning platform focused on ‘language exchanging’ between users worldwide, has been downloaded more than 367,000 times since its beta launch eight months ago. And here is the even better news, these downloads are only from the iOS App Store. Next month, CLIS expects it to launch through the Android market, which is expected to increase user growth exponentially. 

HeyPal Growth Surges To Record Levels

Signs point to that happening. Between September 5th and October 5th, there were 85,055 new HeyPal™ downloads, a jump of roughly 12,000 users from the month before. Better still, consecutive monthly growth is on the climb as well. And not by coincidence.

Gains are accumulating after CLIS launched a series of targeted marketing campaigns using a variety of digital creatives to attract attention. The great news- it’s working. And more importantly, it’s helping to keep its users engaged for more extended periods. That detail equates to potentially higher ad revenues.

In fact, the combination of user time and loyalty is what advertisers look for. And with HeyPal™ user loyalty surging from 68% to 91% over its prior measuring period, they are delivering. Moreover, they also benefit from what the industry describes as “stickiness,” showing a 33% increase in that metric alone. That should make CLIS developers and investors happy because being “sticky” can drive substantially higher ad rates. Moreover, when that “stickiness’ is combined with user “loyalty,” a measure taken from those who download and use the app 3 times within 24 hours, rates can be multiplied. Then add accelerating downloads to the mix, and the value proposition for CLIS apps gets very interesting. Potentially valuable as well. 

Best of all, those metrics were climbing for HeyPal™. Now, investors are finding out that similar growth is happening for WinQuik™. Thus, a perfect storm of opportunity is developing for early-stage investors. 

Engaging Apps Are The Secret Sauce To Revenues

In fact, with CLIS pushing forward an impressive list of titles, its value proposition has never looked better. And when current opportunities get strengthened by across the board user metric increases, excellent value opportunities have a tendency to become great ones. For investors that don’t act soon, that could be the case. Put simply, the valuation gap between share price and assets may start to close, bringing share prices higher in the process. After all, with ClickStream developing its assets in the right way, they are paving a road for sustained long-term shareholder value creation. 

Those efforts are already showing results, with users becoming more comfortable with the platform and sharing it organically with friends. Organic growth is less expensive than PPC and is a far better indicator of app favorability. Still, companies do need to advertise. And in that perspective, it’s reassuring to know that CLIS is doing so from a position of strength. At least, reviews indicate that’s the case. 

Moreover, the data CLIS provided over the past quarter indicates that its Q4 product development strategy is likely to result in additional growth. And with plans to integrate several exciting new app features intending to accelerate download pace, more good news can come sooner rather than later. Also, its subsidiary interests each have a comprehensive plan to monetize assets and titles. 

In fact, its subsidiary, Nebula, is positioning HeyPal to enhance learning, improve connections among users, and increase community safety while staying focused on driving key engagement metrics higher to turn user time into dollars. Thus, with that strategy connecting to its milestone launch on Android next month, CLIS is ideally positioned to create substantial shareholder value in the coming weeks. Updates from that launch are likely to come quickly, making investment consideration at current levels timely. 

The more excellent news is that ClickStream has a significant portfolio of assets to drive value. The HeyPal™ launch to Android is only one stepping stone on a path to potential breakout growth in 2022. 

ClickStream Apps Drive Multiple Revenue Streams

As noted, WinQuik™ is also delivering impressive growth. And that app is a perfect example of how innovation and industry-changing platforms can attract new and demographically diverse users. Better yet, this free-to-play synchronized mobile app and digital gaming platform combine the best of everything, with innovative design features enabling WinQuik™ users to have fun, interact and compete to win real money and prizes. 

Even better, WinQuik™ is unique from other apps, designed as a real-time mobile and web gaming platform enabling players to win cash by providing an entertaining visit through up to 5 daily games of multiplayer quizzes. Better still, it’s engaging, with its Prime Time quizzes run by well-known hosts offering competitive challenges through a wide range of new and exciting topics. Of course, users know best, and the reviews are in- WinQuik™ is fun, engaging, and somewhat addictive. From a revenue-generating perspective to CLIS, it’s a perfect set of criteria.

Here’s one with exponential opportunities. Its Nifter™ app, available through its subsidiary Rebel Blockchain Inc., is a potential revenue-generating juggernaut for CLIS. It’s a music NFT marketplace that allows artists to create, sell and discover unique music and sound NFTs on the Nifter™ marketplace. Notably, it’s more than an exciting space to target; it’s timely as well. The NFT sector is exploding in popularity, with recent video and music NFT’s selling well into the hundreds of thousands. In fact, one title, The First 5000 Days, fetched $69.3 million on the open market. And it’s an industry in infancy, putting CLIS interests in the right markets at the right time. 

Better yet, NFT interest is surging with buyers investing to market the assets to generate returns. Phrases, memes, short songs, and almost anything of artistic value can be represented as an NFT, making the market itself near limitless. Thus, from a CLIS investor’s perspective, their seizing the moment deserves attention. Moreover, because its Nifter™ app enables users to create, sell and discover unique music NFTs on its Nifter™ Marketplace, CLIS is closer than most to monetizing the opportunities. Thus, having its app in hand can enhance its position in the sector and accelerate market penetration. Again, CLIS is working with a recipe for success.

There’s still more to like. 

Through its WOWEE World brand, ClickStream is launching Joey’s Animal Kingdom™, targeting another massive niche market- children. Through this app, CLIS takes a novel approach to the space by creating a children’s entertainment and education platform that takes kids around the planet to see incredible animals and creatures. Better still, its appeal extends far beyond offering a place to watch videos and learn about animals; it has numerous embedded features, including live quizzes, games, kid profiles, and VS games.

Even better, it’s an app that keeps changing, a deliberate design feature to keep its users engaged and loyal. It’s one of the few sector apps expected to integrate additional full-featured animated shows regularly. Each presentation, by the way, like Joey’s Animal Kingdom™, will focus on a series of engaging and valuable topics, including science, history, culture, sports, and food/nutrition. Hence, it’s an app expected to attract advertisers from different sectors and build a substantial user base in the process. As noted, those two complement each other’s interests. 

Also important, Joey’s Animal Kingdom™, which is parent-approved on multiple levels, is expected to become a substantial value driver for CLIS in 2022. Thus, it caps off an asset portfolio combining to make the coming year the best in CLIS history. 

ClickStream Is In Motion To Generate Shareholder Value

The best news about the ClickStream investment proposition is that they are a company in motion. The assets are significant, but they are doing the work to get them into users’ devices and monetize their potential. And with each app targeting unique market segments numbering in the millions of users, if ClickStream can successfully leverage recent growth, the next few months could result in a snowball effect of success to accelerate revenue growth. With billions of dollars in ad revenue spent per month, its prize can be enormous. 

Here’s the best part of the CLIS consideration. Each asset has the power and potential to generate the download volumes needed to send CLIS’s share price substantially higher. In fact, valuing the intrinsic value of its asset portfolio as it stands today should shred its entire market cap and replace it with one significantly higher. But, with markets valuing companies on results instead of ambition, it may take a quarter of two for CLIS to prove they have the titles, platforms, and management to grow from a micro-cap company to a serious and influential app-developing company. And in a market that moves quickly, that can happen faster than many expect. 

Hence, knowing that CLIS stock traded at $0.60 over the past 52-weeks, don’t underestimate the potential in play. From current levels and with a more substantial asset portfolio than ever, a more than 650% run could be back in the crosshairs. And while that target may appear aggressive, it’s not. ClickStream has cash in the bank, accelerating downloads, compelling digital assets, and the ambition to take its disruptive and industry-changing apps to the next level. Hence, they are well assembled to target its perfect storm of business opportunities. 

Best of all, by doing the right things and targeting the right markets, CLIS has put itself in play as well. For investors, that’s good to know.


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